Chain Link Fence and Pets

Chain Link Fence and Pets

Electric fencing can be effective to help contain a pet.  Chain link fencing is a common primary fence barrier. A specialized paint 

tray electric fence by holding a hot wire away from the chain link. As with any animal the hot wire should be positioned at the animals head or nose height.  This is the height that the pet will most likely test the fence or hot wire.  

Electric fencing is a psychological, not physical, barrier.  The goal is to keep the animal away from the fence at any height.  Chain link insulators extend away from a fence so a well trained animal will not test that distance.  This can be effective in keeping pet pressure off of an old or “weathered” fence. 

Another consideration might be to place wire close to the ground to help correct or prevent a digging dog.  Remember to keep grass and weed pressure off the fence to ensure most effective shock.

As with all electric fence systems a grounding system is required.  If you aren’t familiar with grounding please read more here.