Get to Know: The Scottish Highland

Get to Know: The Scottish Highland

We should warn you in advance… Once you read this blog post you will most likely want to stock up on Miniature Scottish Highland cattle.

Paul Bias, a valued member of the Zareba Systems family, will tell you it is a great idea. Paul is the proud owner of Betsy, short for Betsy Ross, and proudly displays her photo at work. Betsy is a two-year-old Miniature Scottish Highland.

The Scottish Highland cattle breed originally lived in the rugged highlands of Scotland where weather and living conditions were harsh, and only the strongest and fittest would survive. One tactic used by this breed was to graze on most available plants, plants that most cattle tend to avoid, in order to maintain their vigor. These cattle, given their roots, are low maintenance and do not require being housed in a barn.

Scottish Highlands are most recognized by their shaggy and long hair. The most common coat color is a rusty reddish-brown, but can range from chocolate to black to white. They are double-coated and in the summer shed their soft, down-like inner coat. The horns on both the bulls and cows are a distinguishing feature of the Scottish Highland, too.

In 1893 a New York cattleman brought the Scottish Highland breed to America. The breed’s ability to calve easily, combined with their intelligence and temperament, made them a very popular option. About 50 years after they first arrived the American Highland Cattle Association was formed to preserve and promote the breed in the U.S.

From the Scottish Highland breed a smaller version exists, known as the Miniature Scottish Highland. Much like their parent breed, these cattle are known for their friendly disposition and temperament and are highly regarded for hobby farming and as a family pet. The Miniature Scottish Highland doesn’t grow taller than 42 inches and weigh about 750 pounds.

These lovable cattle are incredibly smart and are an awesome small cattle breed option for your hobby farm. Check out Paul’s photos of Betsy!


Betsy is ready for all weather, including snow! She’s outfitted with a scarf to keep her warm.Betsy2

Betsy socialized with family on Thanksgiving 2012. Her kind disposition makes her a popular guest!Betsy3 The cutest baby in the barn! Betsy’s soft coat and bright eyes at 2 months old were remarkable!