Red Snap’r® Brings Back Metal Cabinet Energizers

Red Snap’r® Brings Back Metal Cabinet Energizers

Get a feel for steel from Red Snap’r® as it proudly announces a new line of U.S.-made electric fence energizers – each of which feature a rugged steel cabinet. Built to take the rough farm life, you can count on the new Red Snap’r® steel chargers to power your fence day or night and through rain, snow and sleet.

The new Red Snap’r® line features five steel-cased chargers – two solar and three AC powered – and each includes a durable cabinet made from 100% steel. These energizers were designed to harken back to the classic appearance of vintage Red Snap’r® electric chargers while harnessing modern technology to keep your electric fences running problem-free.

New Solar Fence Chargers

Red Snap’r® Steel solar chargers give you the freedom to power a fence anywhere you need one. Whether you’re miles away from your barn or assembling a temporary corral at a show, Red Snap’r® solar chargers will feed power to your fencing.

With Red Snap’r®, you won’t be disappointed — independent testing shows Red Snap’r® steel energizers deliver more power than other, competitive brand name steel chargers.

These solar steel chargers can work for any size operation. Pick the energizer that works best for you and add it to your fence.

STEEL ENERGIZER 6-Volt Solar 12-Volt Solar
POWER OUTPUT 0.2 joules 0.5 joules
CAPACITY 15 miles/30 acres 30 miles/60 acres
WARRANTY 2 Year Limited 2 Year Limited
VERSUS OTHER STEEL-CASED COMPETITORS 57% more powerful 25% more powerful

New AC Fence Chargers

With a dedicated power source, there are even more options for fence chargers. The new Red Snap’r® line, manufactured in the U.S. with steel cabinets, includes three AC electric fence chargers.

Like their solar counterparts, Red Snap’r® Steel energizers are designed to control all varieties of livestock – whether you’re managing a herd of cattle or a flock of emus. Red Snap’r® has a steel energizer for every need while promising strength and durability in the real world.

STEEL ENERGIZER 20 Mile AC 40 Mile AC 60 Mile AC
POWER OUTPUT 1 joules 2 joules 4 joules
CAPACITY 20 miles/100 acres 40 miles/150 acres 60 miles/200 acres
WARRANTY 2 Year Limited 3 Year Limited 3 Year Limited
VERSUS OTHER STEEL-CASED COMPETITORS 78% more powerful 39% more powerful 49% more powerful

About Red Snap’r®

With decades of experience in electric fencing, Red Snap’r® is taking another step toward serving the farming and ranching communities. Mirroring the classic metal case designs of yesteryear, the new Red Snap’r® Steel energizer line merges design with function. That’s because Red Snap’r® knows that life in the country can be tough, and farmers and ranchers are always on the lookout for equipment that is up to the task.

The new line is available now for purchase at

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