Fi-Shock® Easy Fence Tool

Model #: 300-315


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Used for stringing barbed wire for fencing.

Fi-Shock® Easy Fence Tool

Do you feel you need an extra set of hands when you are stringing barbed wire for your electric fence? This tool is the answer!

This incredible Fi-Shock® Easy Fence Tool makes stringing barbed wire much easier and cuts fencing time drastically. One person can easily unroll the wire with this tool.


Tools Required To Build Your Electric Fence

Fi-Shock® Means Leadership in Electric Fence Systems for Animal Containment and Control. Fi-Shock® provides safe, secure, superior quality electric fence products for all your fencing needs.


Fi-Shock® Easy Fence Tool - Specifications

  • Makes stringing barbed wire much easier
  • Cuts fencing time drastically
  • One person can easily unroll wire with this tool

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Fi-Shock® FAQs on Electric Fence Systems

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