Fi-Shock® In-Line Strainer Handle

Model #: 300-305


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A handle for the in-line strainer (model number 400-399).

Fi-Shock® In-Line Strainer Handle

This strainer handle fits the in-line strainer model 400-399.

The Fi-Shock® In-Line Strainer Handle is made of hot-rolled flat steel that has been formed to fit the in-line strainer model 400-399. The durable paint finish prevents rust. Packed 1 per box.

Fi-Shock® Means Leadership in Electric Fence Systems for Animal Containment and Control. Fi-Shock® provides safe, secure, superior quality electric fence products for all your fencing needs.


Fi-Shock® In-Line Strainer Handle - Specifications

  • Fits the in-line strainer model 400-399
  • Made of hot-rolled flat steel
  • Durable paint finish prevents rust
  • Packed 1 per box

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