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Intelligizer Fence Monitor by Zareba®

Model #: INTEL-SM

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  • Remotely turns electric fence On/Off via text message
  • For use with AC (plug-in) fence chargers (AC Charger Required)
  • Auto Fence Shutoff - Safety Mode option protects livestock
  • Sends instant text alerts for Power Loss, Low Voltage and Sudden Voltage Drops
  • Remotely check fence voltage level … anytime and anywhere
  • Bonus: Coupon code to cover 1-year service fee for Fence Monitor included on box ($29.99 value, which is about 240 messages)
  • Service Experts Available To Answer Your Installation Questions
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Intelligizer Fence Monitor by Zareba® 

Zareba® brings new technology to your electric fence with the Intelligizer Fence Monitor, a patented charger add-on used to remotely monitor and control your electric fence. With the Intelligizer Fence Monitor, your cell phone becomes your newest farm tool as you turn your fence on and off, check voltage, and receive alerts on the status of your electric fence.
Intelligizer® Fence Monitor By Zareba®
Intelligizer Fence Monitor Unboxing and Installation
This easy-to-use Fence Monitor works by blending fence tester and cellular technology to deliver its alerts, including messages on low voltage, no voltage, sudden voltage drop and power losses. With these instant alerts, you can take control of these situations immediately and limit the impact on your operation. The Fence Monitor is built to seamlessly function with your AC fence charger, and is easily controlled by sending text messages from your phone. The Intelligizer Fence Monitor features a three-year limited warranty for additional peace of mind.
Use Text Messages To Control Your Fence Use your Fence Monitor to control your fence from anywhere - whether you're standing in the middle of your pasture, at the feed store, or lying in bed. With your cell phone, you use text messaging to control your fence energizer, including:
  • Turning your fence On or Off.
  • Requesting a voltage reading for your fence.
  • Activating the Animal Safety Mode, which turns the fence off in the event of a sudden voltage drop.
  • Checking Current Fence Status, which shows its present voltage, its on/off status, a summary of recent alerts and the reading from your previous voltage check.
Get Alerts From Your Fence When there's trouble on your fence line, the Intelligizer® Fence Monitor jumps into action by sending you text messages to detail the problems:
  • Power Loss - This alert is triggered when the Intelligizer® is no longer receiving power from your outlet. To account for flickering power, the loss must last 30 seconds before the text activates.
  • Sudden Voltage Drop - If voltage on your fence drops more than 30% in 10 seconds, this text message is triggered.
  • Low Voltage Alert - This customizable alert lets you set the voltage that counts as "low voltage."
  • Red Alert Low Voltage - If your voltage falls below 1,000 volts, this text is sent to connected phones.
  • No Voltage - This alert triggers when the unit is getting power from the outlet, but there is no voltage on your fence line.
Text Message Alert
Fence Monitor Readouts While you can remotely check fence voltage level any time you want, the Intelligizer Fence Monitor has smart LED lights to check fence and network status when you’re close to the Fence Monitor. With the fence status indicator lights, you can instantly see if the unit is off, check voltage levels and know when there’s a rapid voltage drop while in safety mode. The network signal indicator lights show signal strength, when a message is delivered and whether a network is available.
Fence Monitor Readout
How It Works The Intelligizer Fence Monitor is for exclusive use with AC (plug-in) fence chargers. Using SMS and cellular technology, this device gives you remote access to your electric fence energizer. Once you physically install your Fence Monitor next to your powered-off charger, you can attach sensor cables to the ground and fence wire terminals. Next, plug your charger into the Fence Monitor in a regular outlet. From there, register your device and connect to the cell service by visiting www.intelligizeraccount.com and begin sending commands to the device. Once fully connected to the network, your Fence Monitor makes working with your fence easy and convenient - you can power your charger on and monitor your fence status remotely.
Installation Diagram

  • A. Install Intelligizer Fence Monitor next to your existing AC fence charger* in a clean, sheltered location. Unplug your AC charger.
  • B. Install the fence sensor cables on the Ground and Fence terminals of your AC charger. Intertwine the fence sensor wire ends around your existing fence and ground wires. It does not matter which color is connected to either terminal.
  • C. Plug AC charger into the switching power plug of the Intelligizer Fence Monitor, and then plug the power plug of the Intelligizer Fence Monitor into your power outlet.
  • D. IMPORTANT - The first time you plug the Intelligizer in, your fence will be set to OFF until you active your unit and send the first ON command from your cell.
Cell Phone & Cell Service Requirements To operate the Intelligizer Fence Monitor, you will need a cell phone with SMS (Texting) capability. The Intelligizer also requires a $29.99 annual cellular monitoring service plan, which can be set up at www.IntelligizerAccount.com. For a limited time, the first year (or about 240 messages) is FREE OF CHARGE when using the valid coupon code listed on the Fence Monitor package. This monitoring service allows the Intelligizer to send and receive text messages and commands. Once activated on a primary phone, you can then add other cell numbers to give control options to additional users.
Made In The USA
Intelligizer Fence Monitor By Zareba® Interested in learning more about the Intelligizer Fence Monitor from Zareba®? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product. Complete Product Details »
Intelligizer Fence Monitor By Zareba®
Model No. INTEL-SM
Energizer Compatibility AC fence chargers only
SIM Card Included
Remote Functions
  • On/Off
  • Voltage Check
  • Animal Safety Mode Activation
  • Request Current Fence Status
Alert Types
  • Power Loss
  • Low Voltage
  • Red Alert Low Voltage
  • No Voltage
  • Sudden Voltage Drop
About Zareba® Zareba is the largest manufacturer of electric fence systems in North America. Our company offers durable, reliable electric fence products for all your pet and livestock fencing needs. Since the 1930's Zareba® and its related brands have been leaders in electric fencing, providing for homes, farms and ranches. If you have questions about your electric fencing purchase, reach out to Zareba® Service Experts for assistance.. More About Zareba® »
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
Intelligizer Fence Monitor By Zareba®
Model No. INTEL-SM
Energizer Compatibility AC fence chargers only
  • 8.13 in x 2.38 in x 9.38 in
  • 2.03 lb
  • Power cord: 3 ft
  • Sensor cable: 2.5 ft
Remote Functions
  • On/Off
  • Voltage Check
  • Animal Safety Mode Activation
  • Request Current Fence Status
Alert Types
  • Power Loss
  • Low Voltage
  • Red Alert Low Voltage
  • No Voltage
  • Sudden Voltage Drop
SIM Card Included
Cellular Requirements
  • Cell Phone with SMS (Texting) Capability
  • $29.99/year cellular service fee at IntelligizerAccount.com
  • Bonus: Use the coupon code found on packaging to cover the first year (or the first 240 messages, whichever comes first) of the Fence Monitor service fee*
Additional Features
  • Voltage strength indicator
  • Network signal strength indicator
  • 30-Day Full Warranty
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • Fence Monitor user's manual included
  • Built in the USA with global materials
  • Service Experts available at: 855.592.7322
  • Covered by U.S. Patent No. 9,658,257

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Disclaimer: Zareba® System does not endorse any information contained in product reviews. Please follow all label instructions for your specific use.

Most Recent Customer Reviews

Review Rate
Review posted on www.zarebasystems.com
October 22, 2018
Worth the money with daily cattle moves By Randy

Works great so far. On a day that started out sunny then turned to rain I kept getting alerts as the rain got heavier where the weed pressure with added moisture kept lowering the output. Moved the poly wire a bit to where the cattle had grazed already with no weeds and the voltage went back up. Even with horrible cell coverage here it has still worked every time via text message. My only complaint would be that if you set multiple people up to be able to turn the fence off and on then they also get all the alerts as well. My wife (who may need to turn the fence off if I am away) will be at her job while I’m moving cows and it texts her as well that the fence is being turned off and on with no way to change that setting.

Review Rate
Review posted on www.zarebasystems.com
September 9, 2018
Worth the money By Purchase one

I have had this for about a year now. I love being able to turn off the fence from my phone when I need to get through if I am on the far side of the field. We also just had an incidident at 8:40 pm at night and it’s been raining all day. Got a message that we had a rapid drop in voltage. Ran out to see a huge tree branch on the fence. Was able to get it clear within 20 minutes and now have no worries. We were lucky to be home but if we were not we could have had a neighbor go check it out.

Review Rate
Review posted on www.zarebasystems.com
October 12, 2017
Good product works -- however they do not disclose the limited messages By radarman

Good product. Had issue with activating. The first year is provided free with a limited number text messages. Less than 1 per day. Additional 200 message cost extra. The free cod is not on the manual -- but on a small tag on the box.

Response From Zareba®
Jennifer : Consumer Relations Representative

Glad to hear you’re happy with the Intelligizer, Radarman!

The number of text messages on the yearly plan is approximately 240 messages. With weekly updates on and messages for regular fence maintenance, we calculated this size plan to fit most users while keeping overall cell plan costs very low. If you exceed the 240 messages on the plan, 100 additional messages can be added for just $5.

Please feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-5-ZAREBA (1-855-592-7322) with any additional questions.


Review Rate
Review posted on www.zarebasystems.com
August 5, 2017
Excellent By Ken

Very easy to setup and use. I don't worry about the fence any more as it tells me when an issue occurs. I also look forward to using the remote on off feature when working on a distant part of the fence. Best value product in this category.

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Q.Can this work in a foreign country (with digicel service) ? Can the SIM card be changed ? What are the requirements for a foreign country service - CDM or GSM and what frequency ? Thanks

This product is only available for purchase and use in the United States.

Q.How many phones can be paired to my Intelligizer?

Up to 3 phones can be paired to your Intelligizer at no additional cost.

Q.Will the Intelligizer work with my cell network?

The Intelligizer works with all major cell phone carries by operating on the 3G network.

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