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All the Components of an Electric Fence Plan

Below contains information about the parts of a highly effective electric fence system used to control, contain or exclude animals on your farm or ranch - or even your garden.


An electric fence system is comprised of many components. Before you begin your electric fence planning, learn about the different options for each part. By understanding your choices, you’ll have a better idea of what fits your unique situation, which in the end will make your electric fence planning go more smoothly.

And when you’re ready to start your electric fence plan, use our electric fence planner to design your fence. With our online, interactive electric fence builder, designing the fence you need has never been easier. Just input your specs and the electric fence planner does all the work.



fence chargers

All About Fence Chargers


The charger may also be referred to as an "energizer," "fencer" or "controller." Whatever it is called, it is truly the heart of your electric fence system.


learn about Fence Chargers»



All About Fence Posts


Although they come in various sizes, strengths and materials, they all support the electric fence wire as it contains, controls or excludes animals in an area.


learn about Fence Posts»



All About Insulators


Insulators are used to fasten electrified wire to fence posts without losing energy through the posts.   They can be porcelain or plastic and are available in many designs for various fence post types.

learn about Fence Post Insulators»


fence wire

All About Fence Wire


Electric fence wire comes in many lengths, strengths and materials, but they all have one main purpose: to carry the electric fence charge throughout the length of the fence.


learn about Fence Wire»



All About Grounding


Improper grounding leads to a useless electric fence.  In 90% of all cases where the electric fence doesn't work, you can bet it's because of erroneous or faulty grounding setup.

learn about Grounding»



All About Gate Handles


You should have one gate handle for every electrified wire.  The handles are usually made of plastic or rubber.  Gate handle kits are a convenient way to install the gate handles.


learn about Gate Handles»



all About High Tensile


High tensile fences are the low-cost, heavy-duty, dependable answer to controlling, containing or excluding animals over long ranges. They require special tools and parts.


learn about High Tensile Fencing»


ElectroBraid Equine Containment

All About ElectroBraid


ElectroBraid® is a leader in equine containment, offering safe and effective fencing solutions for your horse that are simple to install.


learn why you should choose ElectroBraid® »



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