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All About High Tensile Wire Fencing

Electrified high tensile fencing is an excellent choice for a permanent perimeter fence.


A high tensile wire fence requires many unique components.  Learn more about a high tensile wire fence: the benefits and how it works. Our expert tips can teach you how to install and maintain a high tensile wire fence.  While not right for every type of animal or enclosure, a high tensile electric fence is affordable, attractive, easy to maintain and long lasting — from 25-50 years.







Benefits and Considerations of High Tensile Fencing


A high tensile electric fence is an excellent choice to safely contain most species of livestock, including various exotic species.  It is also equally effective keeping unwanted predators, deer or other wild animals out.




High tensile fencing is an affordable, low maintenance permanent perimeter fence, lasting over 40 years. It works as a simple barrier fence or can be electrified for greater effectiveness and animal safety.


The key to a successful high tensile electric fence installation is advanced planning, combined with proper tools and quality materials.

In-Line Strainer High Tensile tool


We recommend Zareba® high tensile components, which are rugged, reliable and designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, providing long life for your fence.


Zareba® has developed high tensile videos to help design and build your high tensile electric fence system.  Once you build a high tensile electric fence you won't want any other type of fencing system.





Zareba® high tensile electric fence systems -- your afforadable, durable, easy to install fencing system.


zareba electric fence systems


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