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Installing Electric Fence


Planning on building an electric fence around your pasture, farm field, garden, or home to protect the animals on your property? Maybe you’re looking for a portable solution to protect your seasonal garden from animals like rabbits, deer, and raccoons? Whatever your need, Zareba® has all the materials to help keep your livestock, flowers, or crops safe.

Not sure where to start with your electric fence planning? We’re here to provide you with information you need to learn how to build your own electric fence from our materials and kits. Simply click below to find the info you’ll need to build your fencing system. You can also use our innovative Fence Planner tool to customize your new fence!




Defining Your Needs

When designing your electric fence system, there are several needs you must consider, including the type of fence you need and the type of animal to contain, among other factors.


learn about Defining Your Needs»




Planning Your Fence

Follow these steps when you are designing your electric fence system to ensure that you will have everything you need before you begin to build your fence.


learn about Planning Your Fence»



Building an Electric Fence

Zareba® can supply all the materials you need to build your own electric fence, along with tips, advice, and resources. By choosing and individualizing supplies, you are able to build a fence that meets your specific needs. Don’t hesitate to call us at 855-5-ZAREBA if you need assistance. We have complete electric fence kits specifically for garden use or horse fencing.

As always, please be sure to read and closely follow all instructions that come with your materials, garden kit, or horse kit. Our friendly customer support team is available to answer your questions and help you with anything you may need in relation to building your fence.


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