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Zareba Fence Planner

Zareba Fence Planner


Plan Before You Build


Sketch It - Plan Your Layout


Zareba Installation Guide

It helps to plan your fence layout in advance and choose the various components you’ll need to complete the installation.


Using the fence planning guide, sketch out the area you wish to enclose, noting distances. Then draw in the approximate locations of buildings or barns that will be adjacent to or enclosed by the fence.


Also include in your plan:

  • Location of water supplies and feeding stations

  • Trees or other obstacles

  • Low or wet spots

  • Entrance/exit points where gates are needed —note the length of gates

  • Fence termination points (e.g., at a building)

  • Location of fence charger and electrical source (if applicable)

  • Cross fences within the pasture area (temporary or permanent)

See our Zareba Installation Charts and Guides to assist you as you plan your layout.


Launch the Zareba® Fence Planner by clicking to "Build Your Fence Now!" above and find out exactly what you need to build your fence!


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