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Intelligizer Fence Monitor by Zareba®

Intelligizer Fence Monitor by Zareba®

Product Review (submitted on February 19, 2019):

This is a decent product. It does what it says it will do. It probably will work a lot better for a smaller energizer only powering a few miles of fence. Any short on a small energizer will cause the voltage at energizer to fall enough to trigger an alert from the alarm. With a large energizer, 36 Joule output, on a large fencing system, 5+ miles of multi-wire fence, it will pick up a voltage drop near the energizer, say a few hundred yards, fine. The problem arises on a large system with multiple branches. I can fault the fence out say halfway down the fence, and the energizer will continue to put out the same amount of voltage at the beginning of the fence. Meanwhile, I may have a mile of fence that has no voltage. Again, the product is doing what it says it will do, but in my opinion, voltage is only part of the equation. Amperage draw is a more important metric in measuring how strong the electric fencing system is. The engineers should have included an amperage draw readout for the alarm as well. For example, on my larger fences, I may have an amperage draw of 25 at the beginning of the fence with a voltage of 8,500 V. That is when there are no faults and the fence is fine. I can fault the fence out about halfway down the fence and my voltage may drop to 8,300 V at the beginning of the fence, but my amperage draw will increase to 50. This increase in the amperage draw indicates that there is a fault somewhere on the fence even though the voltage is still fine. So, if the alarm should have two alert criteria. The first one should be for a voltage drop like it is currently set up. The second one should be for the amperage draw. Then this would be a 5 star product. As it is, it only tells half the story of what is happening on the fence, so it only gets half the stars in my review. It does work well to tell me if I have a blown fuse, so I will keep on using it. In fact, I ordered three of them, so these alarms do serve a purpose.

Response From Zareba®
Lauren : Consumer Relations Representative

Thank you for taking the time to share this valuable feedback. We appreciate these detailed comments of your experience and have shared these suggestions with our Product Manager for review. Please feel free to contact us at 1-855-5-ZAREBA (1-855-592-7322) with any additional questions.