Electric Fence Chargers and Electric Fence Energizers

Electric fences keep your livestock safely contained and protect your property from outside wildlife, all while keeping your maintenance needs down. Between Zareba®, Fi-Shock® and Red Snap'r®, you're sure to find the perfect electric fence charger to match your livestock operation. Whether you need to fence in a small lot or a large range, zarebasystems.com has the electric charger to help you. The choice is yours: We have options for AC, DC and solar-powered electric fence energizers.

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  1. $159.99
    • 360° rotation allows charger to rotate on T-Post to face the sun
    • Use with steel, aluminum, poly wire, poly rope or poly tape
    • Low-impedance technology allows for longer battery life
    • One year limited warranty includes damage caused by lightning
    • 100% of Zareba® chargers must pass full load electronic testing after manufacturing
    • Service Experts Available To Answer Your Installation Questions
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