Electric Fence Chargers and Electric Fence Energizers

Electric fences keep your livestock safely contained and protect your property from outside wildlife, all while keeping your maintenance needs down. Between Zareba®, Fi-Shock® and Red Snap'r®, you're sure to find the perfect electric fence charger to match your livestock operation. Whether you need to fence in a small lot or a large range, zarebasystems.com has the electric charger to help you. The choice is yours: We have options for AC, DC and solar-powered electric fence energizers.

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Fence Chargers: The Heart of an Electric Fencing System

Fence chargers, also known as, fence energizers, controllers, fencers or electric fence box, are the foundation of an effective electric fencing system. They provide the current that flows through fence wire similar to the way the heart pumps blood throughout the body. Many ranges of fence chargers are available from our brands: Zareba, Red Snap’R, Blitzer, Fi-Shock, Agway, and BullDozer, varying in current output and type of power source.

The type of fence charger needed for your particular fencing needs will be dependent on the following factors:

  • Length of fence
  • Number of wires
  • Power source available
  • Type of animal(s) being contained or excluded

Zareba's comparison charts are a helpful too in determining which fence charger best suits your needs.

Types of Fence Chargers

  • AC-Powered (Plug-in)
  • DC (Battery-Operated)
  • Solar Powered


Solar fence chargers are ideal for remote locations, once fully charged the battery can maintain a charge for up to three weeks, even in cloudy or rainy weather.


DC-operated fence chargers are ideal for remote locations or areas without access to AC power.


AC-operated fence chargers are the best option where you have a reliable source of 110-volt electrical power.

The class of fence charger required will depend on the source of power available at your fence's location. Certain chargers will work better in certain situations than others, therefore selecting the correct energizer with ample power output for your