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High Tensile

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High Tensile Fence
Looking to upgrade your existing fence system? We have
the right solution for you! A Zareba® High Tensile Fencing
System is perfect for permanent livestock containment. 

High Tensile Fence Wire
High Tensile Fence Tensioners
High Tensile Corner Bracing
High Tensile Fence Insulators
High Tensile
Zareba® offers strong, high quality corner braces and brackets for
your high tensile fencing needs. 

Zareba® 2" Barbed Staples
Zareba® 5" Galvanized Brace Pin
Zareba® Large Fence Post Bracket
High Tensile Tools
Zareba® has dependable, durable tools for
your high tensile tooling needs.

Zareba® 4 Slot Crimping Tool
Zareba® Fence Wire Cutter
Zareba® Spinning Jenny Wire De-Reeler
High Tensile Insulators
Zareba® has dependable, durable insulators for your
high tensile insulation needs.

Zareba® Heavy-Duty Wood Post Claw Insualtor
Zareba® 4" Fin Tube Insualtor
Zareba® Large Corner Post Ceramic Insulator
High Tensile Tensioners
Zareba® has durable electric fence tensioners for your
high tensile fencing needs.

Zareba® In-Line Strainer
Zareba® Large Tension Spring
Zareba® Round Nylon Strainer
Zareba® Chain Grab
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200 per box
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5 lb. box
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1 spring
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1 strainer
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5 per bag
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1 In-Line Strainer Handle
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strainer w/ comp clip
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