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Red Snap'r® Corner Donut Insulator

model #: ICDB-RS

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  • Use with all wire and poly rope
  • Use with poly tape up to 1/2 inch
  • Use with high tensile fencing
  • 10 insulators per bag (Black)
  • Service Experts Available To Answer Your Installation Questions
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Red Snap'r® Corner Donut Insulator


Need a sturdy, dependable insulator for your corner posts?


Our Red Snap'r® Corner Donut Insulator can be used with all wire and poly wire and with poly tape up to 1/2 inch.  This insulator can also be used with high tensile applications.


These insulators are packed 10 per bag.  Color: Black.


Zareba® is the largest manufacturer of electric fence systems offering durable, reliable electric fence products for all of your animal fencing needs.


All About...


All About Insulators


Insulators prevent electrical shorts between the electrified wire and the fence posts. Good-quality insulators are critical to a properly functioning fence. Insulators are made from materials that do not conduct electricity, most commonly plastic or ceramic.





Plastic insulators are molded from polyethylene, polycarbonate, or nylon and are designed to hold electrified wire near a variety of posts without losing energy through the post. 


There are several styles to choose from because the insulator must match both the type of wire and the type of fence insulators_plastic_all_aboutpost being used.  Plastic insulators include round post insulators, T-post insulators, wood post insulators, corner post insulators, end post insulators, and chain link fence insulators.  

Make sure the plastic insulator you choose is molded from heavy-duty, high-density polyethylene (or harder plastic) with UV inhibitors. This prevents arcing and provides long life with all-weather performance, protecting it from the weather. Most insulators are available in yellow, black and white.








Like plastic insulators, porcelain insulators are designed to hold electrified wire near fence posts without losing energy through the post. 


When good porcelain insulators are properly installed they should be able to last the life of your fence.


Porcelain insulators are a very good choice for using with your high tensile fence system.







There are specialized insulators that are used for specific purposes. These can be summarized as follows:

Tube Insulators

 • The tube clamp insulator attaches to standard tube-type stock to corral panels.


Corner Insulators

 • Corner post insulators are designed to withstand fence line tension generated by the fence line pulling from the
   anchor point or changing directions.

 • Corner insulators should also be used at fence line termination points.

 • Corner post insulators are available in plastic and ceramic and accommodate steel wire, poly wire, poly tape
   and poly rope.


Specialty Insulators

 • Other insulators allow you to fasten electrified wire or poly products to posts and fences without losing energy
   through the post or fence.

 • There are many specialty insulators to choose from:

    • Chain Link

    • Tube

    • Corner

    • U-Post

    • Square Post