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Electric Fence Netting | Electric Fence Kits - Zareba

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Electric Fence Netting and Electric Fence Kits

Equine Fence Kits
Zareba® Portable Equine Fence Kits with ease of use
and portability can be invaluable help for your horse
containment needs. 

EZEE Corral Portable Fence Kit
Kwik Korral Fence Kit
Zareba® Portable Paddock
Pet & Garden Kits
As the largest manufacturer of electric fence kits in
North America, Zareba® offers low-cost, high quality
fence & netting kits for every animal control need. 

Battery Garden Protector
AC Garden Protector
Pet & Garden Kit
Garden Fence Kit
Electric Garden Fence

Our Zareba® Garden Protector Fence Kit helps keep rabbits, raccoons, skunks, woodchucks and other similar-sized nuisance animals out of your garden. 


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Customer Reviews

"This electric fence successfully protected our garden, which in previous years had been ravaged by raccoons. This year, our corn, squash, and grapes were untouched. As evidence..." 


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Electric Netting Fence

Zareba® has durable electric netting to help with your 
gardening and animal containment needs.


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Perfect For Gardens. Keep Pets Out!
Perfect For Gardens. Keep Pets Out!
1 kit
(not rated)
25'x25' or 50'x50'
Strong, Safe, Simple & Tangle-Free!
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