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Zareba® Solar Battery, Model SB1, LIS10B, SP10B, ESP10M

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Zareba® Solar Battery, SB1, LIS10B, SP10B, ESP10M

model #: SB1-4

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Best Used For:
Solar fence controllers SB1, LIS10B, SP10B, ESP10M. This solar battery is to be used with these chargers. read full product details »
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Zareba® Solar Battery, SB1, LIS10B, SP10B, ESP10M


Our Zareba® Solar Battery, SB1, LIS10B, SP10B, ESP10M  is to be used with solar fence chargers SB1, LIS10B, SP10B, ESP10M.  Battery type: 6 volt gel cell, 10 amp hour lead-acid battery.


4 batteries per pack.


A few things you should know when repairing a charger.


Most chargers can hold a charge long after they have been unplugged or disconnected from the battery.  You can be shocked by an unplugged charger.  The consumer assumes all risk when repairing or utilizing a charger that has been “repaired” or modified.  In addition, once the charger has been opened all warranties are null and void.  In addition, and state of federal inspections and approvals (such as UL, CE) are terminated.


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