Electric Fence Posts

With the right fence posts, installing and adapting your electric fence can be a breeze. Zarebasystems.com offers a number of options to install permanent or removable fence posts so that you can get the most use out of your land. When making your fence post selection, remember to consider the type of animal that will be placed inside your electric fence – certain livestock require higher fencing and additional wires, so it’s important to find out which fence posts will work for you »

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  1. $2.99
    • Heavy-duty 4-foot step-in white fence post (39 inches exposed above ground)
    • Clips hold electric fence wire and polytape (up to 2 inches wide)
    • Molded of reinforced polypropylene with a heavy-duty steel stake
    • Features large step-in flange and anti-rotation spike to keep stake from turning
    • Also used for gardening, boundary line markings, crowd control and more
    • 1 polypropylene and steel fence post per order
    • Not designed for permanent use
    • Also av