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Zareba® Aluminum Wire, 14 Gauge, 1/4 Mile

model #: FW-00007T

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  • Electric fence wire
  • 1/4 mile of 14 gauge aluminum wire.
  • Breaking Load: 215 lb
  • Tensile strength: 38,000 PSI
  • Will not rust
  • Service Experts Available To Answer Your Installation Questions
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Zareba® ¼ Mile Aluminum Wire 


This ¼ mile 14-gauge aluminum wire is ideally suited for your standard fencing needs


Our Zareba® ¼ Mile Aluminum Wire for electric fences comes on a spool for ease of use.  It has a breaking load of 215 lb and tensile strength of 38,000 PSI and conducts 4 times better than steel wire. This wire won’t rust, either!



Zareba® is the largest manufacturer of electric fence systems offering durable, reliable electric fence products for all of your animal fencing needs.

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Features and Benefits Ideal Uses
Long-lasting Permanent fencing
Carries charge better than steel wire Perimeter fencing
Will not rust









Aluminum wire is the best for carrying a charge.  Aluminum conducts electricity four times better than steel wire. Aluminum will cost more but will not rust like ungalvanized steel wire.



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