Zareba® AC Garden Protector Electric Fence Kit plus 10 Additional Free Posts

Model #: BKGPAC-Z

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Zareba® AC Garden Protector Electric Fence Kit plus 10 Additional Free Posts

Zareba® AC Garden Protector Electric Fence Kit plus 10 Additional Free Posts

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  • Garden Electric fence - small animals will be repelled or contained as desired
  • Mild shock is safe to animals annd humans
  • (1) 5 mile AC Powered Charger
  • (20) 30 inch Poly fence posts with clips
  • (250 ft) 17 gauge aluminum wire
  • (1) 22 inch ground rod with clamp
  • (1) Electric fence tester
  • (3) Electric Fence Warning Signs
  • Service Experts Available To Answer Your Installation Questions

Zareba® AC Garden Protector Electric Fence Kit plus 10 Additional Free Posts

Electric Fence Kit Installation Video (Kit updated with Zareba fence charger)


Small nuisance animals such as rabbits, raccoons and squirrels can pose a big threat to your garden. The Zareba® AC Garden Protector Electric Fence Kit plus 10 Additional Free Posts is an electric garden fence kit that will deter just about any type of pesky critter before it can ruin all of your hard work.

Garden Electric fence

This innovative electric fence is powered by an AC charger that gives the animal a gentle shock if it tries to breach the perimeter, while also conditioning it not to return. You can even utilize our electric garden fence as a training tool to teach your dog, cat or other four-legged pet to stay out of your garden. You should keep your electric fence charger protected from the weather by storing it either indoors protected from moisture, or outdoors in a protective enclosure.

One kit can cover a 625-square-foot area (25 foot x 25 foot) using one strand. More strands are needed depending on what animal you are trying to contain or repel. By adding more kits, you can extend the charger’s range to one mile.

Protect your electric fence charger from the weather by placing it indoors in a moisture-free place, or outdoors in a covered enclosure.

Key AC Garden Protector Electric Fence Kit Features and Benefits Garden Electric fence

  • Humane pest control solution that can be used with family pets
  • Flexible solution that can be conformed to fit the unique shape of your garden
  • Kit comes with charger, wire fencing, posts that provide easy wire attachment via clips, and ground rod
  • Charger can be plugged into any standard 110V outlet – no batteries required
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Little routine maintenance is necessary
  • One year warranty

Our Electric Garden Fences Control by Conditioning If you had the misfortune of accidentally sticking your finger into an electric socket as a child, the experience probably conditioned you to never do it again! Our electric fence for gardens applies the same principle for deterring small animals. The electric shock the animal receives when touching the fence, while harmless, is enough to condition the critter to think twice about attempting to enter your garden again. As a result, an electric garden fence serves as an effective physical and psychological barrier.


Keep your garden free of unwanted pests with the Zareba® AC Garden Protector Electric Fence Kit!

Zareba® is the largest manufacturer of electric fence systems offering durable, reliable electric fence products for all of your animal fencing needs, including electric fencing for garden protection.

Zareba® electric fence systems provide effective, reliable and affordable electric fencing to keep critters out.


Zareba® AC Pet Kit - Specifications

  • Electric fence - nuisance or small animals will be repelled or contained as desired
  • (20) 30 inch Poly fence posts with clips
  • (250 ft) 17 gauge aluminum wire
  • (1) 22 inch ground rod with clamp
  • Breaks your pets’ bad habits
  • 1 mile range in ideal conditions, with extension kits
  • Keeps unwanted predators out of your property
  • Charger Input Voltage of 110-120 VAC, 60 Hz, 1VA
  • Charger Output Voltage of 6,000 V (unloaded)
  • Charger output rating of 0.1 output joules

Disclaimer: Zareba® System does not endorse any information contained in product reviews. Please follow all label instructions for your specific use.

Most Recent Customer Reviews

Review Rate
Review posted on
July 10, 2016
Very disappointed By Kasie
We bought it to keep geese out of the yard. It didn't deter them at all. We are very disappointed.
Response From Zareba®
Lauren : Consumer Relations Representative
Hello Kasie,

Thank you for sharing this experience. We are happy to provide assistance.

Geese and other fowl can be more difficult to deter as they are often able to fly over the wire without touching it and the ground at the same time.

Please feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-5-ZAREBA (1-855-592-7322) for additional assistance in troubleshooting the fencing setup.
Review Rate
Review posted on
June 24, 2016
Protects more than gardens By Koi Kichi
I purchased this kit recently and set it up as a three wire system (two live, one ground) to protect my Japanese Koi collection from predators like mink and raccoons and watched it in action the other day keeping a large heron from taking any of the fish. This one action alone has paid for the fence kit. Definitely happy with the purchase.
Review Rate
Review posted on
June 16, 2016
Works Great By No Nickname
This electric fence eliminated rabbits, etc. from eating my garden plants. Not one plant has been eaten since I installed this electric fence.
Review Rate
Review posted on
June 6, 2016
The shock of there life By BIG NICK
It took me years to realize that a company like Zareba has made my life so much easier by not worrying when i go to sleep that my garden hasen't been raider by coons,oppasiums, cats, squirrels, and any other little critters.I have an organic garden and i DON'T use chemicals, so my fence has been a GOD sent. Thanks again and the old saying Y did i wait so long. Nick
Review Rate
Review posted on
August 18, 2015
Easy Set Up - able to do alone. By Harleyman
This is a great kit. I bought it to keep the woodchucks out of my garden (last year they ate all my peppers - plants and all and also did damage to my tomatoes). The one downside to this kit is that the instructions are horrible! They only tell you about reasons for it not working. It does not tell you how to hook anything up and refers to battery installation when there are no batteries - there are two fuses and this is an AC unit not DC; however, using the photo on the box you can figure out how to set it up - makes it easy. My garden is 24X16 and there is enough wire to put more than 3 rows of wire on the stakes - which is plenty high for woodchucks. It took me less than an hour to completely surround my garden. I recommend the kit.
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All About Fence Chargers

Chargers are the heart of the fence system, providing the source for the electric current that flows through the fence wire.

The size of charger needed is dependent upon your fencing needs. These needs are determined by three main factors: the length of the fence (number of wires), the power source (AC, DC or Solar), and the type of animal being contained or excluded.

See our comparison charts of our fence chargers to help you determine which is best for your needs.


There are three main types of chargers: AC-Powered, Battery-Operated and Solar-Powered. The source of power for the charger to function determines the type of charger you will be using. Each type of charger has specific situations in which it is most desirable to use.

Selecting the right fence charger with adequate power for your enclosure is critical to keeping your animals safe.

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