Zareba® Battery Powered Garden Protection Kit

Model #: KGPDC-Z

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  • Protect flowers, gardens, shrubs - even garbage cans - from animal mischief
  • (1) 5 Acre DC Powered Charger
  • (2) "D" cell batteries required (4 Included)
  • (250 ft) 17 gauge aluminum wire
  • (10) 30 inch Poly fence posts with clips
  • (1) Ground rod with clamp
  • (1) Electric fence tester
  • (3) Electric Fence Warning Signs
  • Service Experts Available To Answer Your Installation Questions

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Zareba® Battery-Powered Garden Protection Kit

Are you tired of dealing with small nuisance critters that constantly invade your yard and/or garden? The Zareba® Battery-Powered Garden Protection Kit can help you ward off rabbits, squirrels, groundhogs and other types of four-legged creatures — and it can keep them from coming back. This highly effective electric garden fence works by giving the animal a gentle electric shock when it comes in contact with the wire, causing it to flee while also conditioning it not to return. This battery-powered electric fence provides flexibility for precise placement and configuration. The efficient design enables two standard D-cell batteries to continuously power the charger and fence for as long as two months, depending on the fence and weather conditions, before a battery change is required.

Key Electric Garden Fence Kit Features and Benefits

  • Kit has everything you need for fast and easy installation, including aluminum wire, fence posts with clips, ground rod with clamp, tester and warning sign
  • Humanely deters many types of small nuisance animals
  • Can also be used to train family pets to stay out of restricted areas
  • Can electrify an area of up to one mile with the addition of extra wire kit
  • Includes one-year limited warranty for your protection
  • Weather-resistant housing protects the charger against the elements
  • Battery-powered operation makes this unit excellent for animal control in areas where AC power is unavailable

Installation and Maintenance Tips

While the electric charger is housed in a protective casing, it could still be vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. Therefore, it’s helpful to install the charger in a spot that offers minimal exposure to the elements. As with any battery-operated electrical device, be sure to check and replace the charger’s batteries on a regular basis to ensure peak electric fence performance throughout the year.

Don’t let four-legged pests overtake your property. Condition critters to stay away with the help of our electric fence for gardens and battery-powered garden protection kits!


Zareba® is the largest manufacturer of electric fence systems offering durable, reliable electric fence products for all of your animal fencing needs, including electric fencing for garden protection.

Zareba® electric fence systems provide effective, reliable and affordable electric fencing to keep critters out.


Zareba® Battery Powered Garden Protection Kit - Specifications

  • Electric pet fence conditions your pet dog to avoid the area
  • (10) 30 inch Poly fence posts with clips
  • (250 ft) 17 gauge aluminum wire
  • (1) Ground rod with clamp
  • (3) Electric fence warning signs
  • (1) Electric fence tester
  • 100 foot range in ideal conditions
  • 1 mile range in ideal conditions with additional kits
  • Keeps unwanted predators out of your property

The Zareba® Fence Charger Warranty


Zareba (Red Snap’r, Blitzer and other energizers made by Woodstream warrants energizers with a mile rating under 20 miles for 12 months (a full year) from the date of purchase (or date or manufacture if proof of purchase is not provided) against defects in materials and workmanship, and from damage caused by lightning.

Energizers with a mile rating of 20 miles and over have a 24 month warranty (two years) total. Energizers with a mile rating of 50 miles or over have a 36 month warranty (three year) when registered on line at the time of purchase.

For any sized energizer, retain your receipt for proof of purchase or register your energizer on line at immediately after purchase. Also, please reference the web page for a list of Authorized Repair Centers and instructions on returning fence controllers for service.

Energizers which come equipped with the Storm Guard lightning protection module are warranted only when the Storm Guard is properly being used on the fencer.


Neither the 30-day return policy nor the limited warranty applies to any defect caused by improper installation, misuse, product alterations, tampering, neglect, or any similar reason not related to product malfunctions or defects in the materials or workmanship of the product. The 30-Day return policy and the limited warranties are given only to the original purchaser of the product and not to any subsequent owners or to any other user or person when installed and used in accordance with the instructions found in the owner’s manual. No person is authorized to grant any warranty additional to or different from this written warranty.

To make a warranty claim, you must contact Woodstream Corp. at 800-800-1819 or regarding the defective product or parts during the warranty period or contact one of the Authorized Repair Centers listed on

If you have not registered your energizer on line immediately after purchase, you may need to provide additional information such as, your name, mailing address, proof of your purchase date, and a description of the problem. If the defect is covered by the limited warranty, Woodstream Corp. or a repair station will repair or replace (at its option) the defective product or parts






The serial number for all Woodstream Corp. fence energizers will go to a 10 digit serial number. The format for the 10 digit serial number is as follows: XX XX XX XXXX, Year Month Day Serial number

If no sales receipt is provided with the return, we will use the date of manufacture.

Please contact Woodstream Corp. for all warranty claims or returns: Woodstream Corp., 69 North Locust Street, Lititz, PA. 17543800-800-1819.


Disclaimer: Zareba® System does not endorse any information contained in product reviews. Please follow all label instructions for your specific use.

Most Recent Customer Reviews

Review Rate
Review posted on
May 15, 2017
Eh? By I don't require a nickname........ Annoying

I won't be able to install this before the 30 day guarantee wears out so I'm not sure how to rate the kit. One thing which bothers me is the differing instructions. In one place I see 250 feet of fencing but in another place I see it is good for 100 linear feet. Will it power 250 feet? Also, if it is 100 linear feet and you have 3 wires that cuts me down to 33 feet doesn't it? Not a very big area of coverage if you are protecting your corn crop from critters.

Response From Zareba®
Patty : Consumer Relations Representative

We appreciate the time taken to provide this feedback and apologize for the experience.  

With the 250 feet of wire included, this kit can be set up to protect an area with 100 feet of fence that has two strands of wire.  Additional wire can be used, up to a total of one mile, for larger fenced areas or if more strands are needed on the fence.  Feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-5-ZAREBA (1-855-592-7322) with any additional questions.

Review Rate
Review posted on
March 1, 2017
critter keeper outer By mike

I just ordered a second charger for another garden. Two years ago I almost gave up gardening because of woodchucks eating everything in sight. I finally decided to try electric fencing as a last resort. This did the job, woodchucks are gone. Only problem I had and still have is seeing the tester in daylight. Bought another more expensive tester but still need to test at dusk or later. I would recommend the electric fence kit to anyone who needs protection from critters.

Review Rate
Review posted on
July 30, 2015
Dog going through wrought iron fence By Louigee
Our dog started going through our wrought iron fence so we had to start taking him out on a leash. Our daughter also brings her two dogs over for exercise and they would get out. After two altercations with the charged wire, our dog and one of our daughters learned to stay away from the fence. The other dog must be smarter. Only took one altercation for him to learn. Really glad I ordered this battery powered fence charger and would highly recommend it to anyone.
Review Rate
Review posted on
July 31, 2014
Amazon Review By
I bought this to keep the crows out of my tomato patch as well as any other additional ground-dwelling critters. This has worked wonderfully and does indeed give a good zap. The batteries last about 3 weeks plus, even when left on 24x7. Love it!
Review Rate
Review posted on
July 29, 2014
Amazon Review By
This was so easy to set up and install. Love that it is battery powered. I purchased the DC powered locally only to realize I did not have an outlet where I needed it. Only took 2 zaps before the dog realized he couldn't dig out anymore. Doesn't really hurt, it's just a surprise like a static shock is to us.
Review Rate
Review posted on
June 30, 2014
Amazon Review By
The unit went up simply and easily and everything I needed was included. Zip it went up and in no time Zap-- the dogs found it. They haven't been near the garden since they "discovered" it means business yesterday. So I'm converted -- (to DC). So what could make it better? 1. The instructions for a first time elec fence user were not clear about what to do with the end of the wire, i.e. how to "tie" it off." The drawings and text were not complete about that part of the installation. 2. The post that the unit comes on could be a little taller to keep it further away from the soil. I know i could put up a post and hang it on that if i wanted to -- but 6 more inched of post would have been helpful..3. When the unit is in the open and not sheltered the instructions could suggest that a freezer bag or something be put over it to keep out the direct rain etc. I did this and it seems to work well. I've not had it 24 hours yet so I don't know about longer term battery life or unit life but it works exactly as advertised at this point and the dogs certainly can attest to its viability.
Review Rate
Review posted on
July 3, 2013
Amazon Review By
Simple, Easy Solution to keep Deer off my Front Porch. Very simple setup. Came with 250 ft. wire, more than enough to protect a flower bed. You will probably need more than the 10 plastic posts, if you want to run the entire 250 ft. Deer were jumping on my front porch at night to snack on the sweet, tender Rose Petals in my Wife's Rose Garden. Ran a 50 ft. fence around the roses, using the supplied plastic posts and ground rod. A couple of zaps on the nose, and those rose petals weren't so yummy after all. Very durable plastic, no problem driving the posts into the soft soil around the garden. The unit is powered by two "D" size batteries. I had a little trouble getting the battery cover off and on, but otherwise everything went together with no trouble at all. A Fence tester is included in the kit, worked great. Just stick the probe into the ground, and slip the hook over the energized wire. A small Neon Lamp will light if the fence is "Hot".
Review Rate
Review posted on
January 24, 2013
Amazon Review, Easy to Use, Good Battery Time By
This is a great little kit for lightweight pest infestation; meaning small animals, animals you want to discourage from tromping through the garden. I have yet to try it out against deer. The deer in our area are very persistent and I doubt this will work to discourage the horde we have around here. We finally fenced in the garden. But for smaller projects, flower gardens, young trees you are trying to get to take hold, this kit is good. Two D batteries, easy set up and you might actually have flowers through out the spring and summer.
Review Rate
Review posted on
November 13, 2012
Amazon Review, Rabbits Ate My Green Beans! By
I have a sizeable vegetable garden in my backyard. This year I lost every green bean of three plantings to rabbits! None of the traditional fencing kept them out. The Havahart 5250 Electronic Deer Repellent protected my flower beds against deer. So, I thought that this electric fence might control the rabbits allowing me to actually harvest beans. I received the Zareba fence too late in the season to test its effectiveness against these pests. However, I set it up just to check out the operation. The kit conveniently includes the two D-cell batteries required to power the fence and an electric fence tester. The instructions are a bit sketchy on installation. Being unfamiliar with electric fencing, I did a bit of Internet research before setting this up. The Zabera website has diagrams and installation advice. The construction is fairly straightforward, just be sure that the fence is properly grounded. Also, if you have a lot of vegetation touching the wire, the voltage will be reduced and be ineffective. Being powered by two D batteries, I'm not too worried about the change being hazardous to people. This kit hardly deserves the name "electric fence." It's similar to the Havahart Electronic Deer Repellent. Powered by 2-AA batteries, the Havahart stings if you bump into it while wearing shorts, but it's not really painful. I have high hopes for a nice harvest next summer. I'll edit this review with the outcome and adjust the stars accordingly.
Review Rate
Review posted on
October 29, 2012
Amazon Review, Really easy to install & it works! By
I set this up by myself with relative ease (I am a petite woman who is very skilled at finding ways to hurt myself at every turn). Two D batteries are required & NOT included so make sure you have them! I didn't expect this to cover too much area so the first time I set it up I chose a small section in front of my home. When I discovered I still had nearly a full spool of wire I decided to go all out & try to go around my entire home. I pulled everything up & started over. Using 2 rows of wire I almost made it around my home. About 1/2 of one side of the home is only protected by one row. Note: I live in a very small house. I doubt there is enough fencing to go around a small average sized ranch house. It might be possible if you use only one strand of wire but with only one strand, it's not likely to be very effective at keeping the critters out. I used a medium sized rubber mallet to pound the little plastic stakes into the ground. A screw driver was sufficient for tightening the wire where needed. I also used the mallet for the ground pole but a hammer would have been the better choice. I am using this fencing to keep my flock of endangered geese away from the house. They love to park themselves beak first pretty much touching the doors & they poop mountains. No joke. It's terrible. When I first turned on the fence my spirits sank because the chickens & barn cats were darting back & forth through the fence like it was nothing. I checked to see if the fence had power with the little fence checker included & yep, working! Also the charger flashes but it is hard to see in the daylight. I realized that I could hear it working & now that's how I check to see if the batteries are still good. Just listen for the humming clicking sound. So far not one goose has crossed the fence(I added non electric fencing on the section that is only one strand)! I am so thrilled! I have one strand low to the ground & one about midway. It is low enough that I can easily step over it. This means I don't need a gate. Remember, you don't want the electrified wire to touch the ground! After a good drenching rain I noticed the chickens & the cats were very cautious of the fence & none dared to touch it. I guess with them being wet they are noticing the shock a bit more! This fence is doing exactly what I'd hoped for. I'm very very happy with it!
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Q.can it be used against rats on a raised vegetable bed?

When installing an electric fence, the wires should be placed a minimum of 4-5 inches from any non-insulated items.  Due to this, we do not recommend the use of electric fences to deter rats, as they are able to pass under without touching the wire.

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All About Fence Chargers

Chargers are the heart of the fence system, providing the source for the electric current that flows through the fence wire.

The size of charger needed is dependent upon your fencing needs. These needs are determined by three main factors: the length of the fence (number of wires), the power source (AC, DC or Solar), and the type of animal being contained or excluded.

See our comparison charts of our fence chargers to help you determine which is best for your needs.

Types of Chargers

There are three main types of chargers: AC-Powered, Battery-Operated and Solar-Powered. The source of power for the charger to function determines the type of charger you will be using. Each type of charger has specific situations in which it is most desirable to use.

Selecting the right fence charger with adequate power for your enclosure is critical to keeping your animals safe.

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Expert Tips

Choosing the Right Fence Charger

The right fence charger is the heart of your electric fence system. Finding the best-matched charger for your fence is imperative to successfully contain/exclude animals. The experts at Zareba® Systems explain a simple process to ensure you buy the right fence charger to meet your needs.

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Installation and Location

Every Zareba® Systems fence charger comes with a detailed installation manual. In addition, individual components include “how-to” instructions to assist in your fence system assembly.

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Lightning and Power Surge Protection

Lightning is often the cause of fence charger failure. When lightning strikes the fence, the sudden power surge can travel down the fence wire and damage the fence charger.

A variety of properly installed products can prevent or limit lightning damage.

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FAQs about Chargers

Q: What factors should I consider when purchasing a fence charger?

A: The power source (AC, Battery or Solar Powered), energy output (in joules), the type of animal being controlled, the length of the fence (more wires need more power) and the amount of vegetation growing near the fence should be considered when you are selecting your fence charger.


Q: What does Low Impedance mean? I see it on chargers in stores and on websites.

A: Low impedance chargers increase the joules (energy) on a fence line if weeds or other vegetation touch the fence. Low impedance chargers are ideal for long, multi-strand poly wire, tape, rope or high tensile fence systems. Low impedance chargers are recommended for most applications and can be operated by AC, DC or Solar Power.

The other type of charger, known as a solid state charger, is usually used to control short-haired livestock, small animals, and pets where only moderate weed conditions exist. These chargers deliver a medium-amperage shock and can be operated by AC or DC.


Q: Why does my fence charger make clicking noises?

A: Most fence chargers have a pulsed output. Every time it “clicks,” it is releasing energy to the fence that has been stepped up or increased through a capacitor and a transformer. This release of energy makes noise. Not all chargers make the clicking noise. The noise is designed for the owner of the charger and serves no functional purpose.

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