Zareba® Battery Powered Garden Protection Kit plus 10 Additional Free Posts

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Zareba® Battery Powered Garden Protection Kit plus 10 Additional Free Posts

Zareba® Battery Powered Garden Protection Kit plus 10 Additional Free Posts

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  • Protect flowers, gardens, shrubs - even garbage cans - from animal mischief
  • (1) 5 Acre DC Powered Charger
  • (2) "D" cell batteries required (4 Included)
  • (250 ft) 17 gauge aluminum wire
  • (20) 30 Inch Poly fence posts with clips
  • (1) Ground rod with clamp
  • (1) Electric fence tester
  • (3) Electric Fence Warning Signs
  • Service Experts Available To Answer Your Installation Questions

Zareba® Battery Powered Garden Protection Kit plus 10 Additional Free Posts

Are you tired of dealing with small nuisance critters that constantly invade your yard and/or garden? The Zareba® Battery Powered Garden Protection Kit plus 10 Additional Free Posts can help you ward off rabbits, squirrels, groundhogs and other types of four-legged creatures — and it can keep them from coming back. This highly effective electric garden fence works by giving the animal a gentle electric shock when it comes in contact with the wire, causing it to flee while also conditioning it not to return. This battery-powered electric fence provides flexibility for precise placement and configuration. The efficient design enables two standard D-cell batteries to continuously power the charger and fence for as long as two months, depending on the fence and weather conditions, before a battery change is required.

Key Electric Garden Fence Kit Features and Benefits

  • Kit has everything you need for fast and easy installation, including aluminum wire, fence posts with clips, ground rod with clamp, tester and warning sign
  • Humanely deters many types of small nuisance animals
  • Can also be used to train family pets to stay out of restricted areas
  • Can electrify an area of up to one mile with the addition of extra wire kit
  • Includes one-year limited warranty for your protection
  • Weather-resistant housing protects the charger against the elements
  • Battery-powered operation makes this unit excellent for animal control in areas where AC power is unavailable

Installation and Maintenance Tips

While the electric charger is housed in a protective casing, it could still be vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. Therefore, it’s helpful to install the charger in a spot that offers minimal exposure to the elements. As with any battery-operated electrical device, be sure to check and replace the charger’s batteries on a regular basis to ensure peak electric fence performance throughout the year.

Don’t let four-legged pests overtake your property. Condition critters to stay away with the help of our electric fence for gardens and battery-powered garden protection kits!

Zareba® is the largest manufacturer of electric fence systems offering durable, reliable electric fence products for all of your animal fencing needs, including electric fencing for garden protection.

Zareba® electric fence systems provide effective, reliable and affordable electric fencing to keep critters out.


Zareba® Battery Powered Garden Protection Kit Plus 10 More Free Posts - Specifications

  • Electric pet fence conditions your pet dog to avoid the area
  • (20) 30 Inch Poly fence posts with clips
  • (250 ft) 17 gauge aluminum wire
  • (1) Ground rod with clamp
  • (3) Electric fence warning signs
  • (1) Electric fence tester
  • 100 foot range in ideal conditions
  • 1 mile range in ideal conditions with additional kits
  • Keeps unwanted predators out of your property

Disclaimer: Zareba® System does not endorse any information contained in product reviews. Please follow all label instructions for your specific use.

Most Recent Customer Reviews

Review Rate
Review posted on
February 28, 2018
Works as advertised By Dad

I got this product to keep my dog away from the new grass I am reseeding, and some bushes he likes to eat for some reason. The unit I received worked for maybe two hours, during which I had the pleasure of watching the initial introduction between my dog and the fence (he's fine). However the unit suddenly stopped working on its own and nothing I did would revive it. I called the Zareba helpline and the person at Zareba was completely professional. After walking through all of the steps I tried to get the charger to work again, she agreed with me that the unit was a dud and sent me a replacement at no cost to me, which arrived a few days later. This latest unit has been working for a couple of days now and I am happy. I may get another one at some point for a different area of my garden.

Review Rate
Review posted on
February 10, 2018
works very well By D.

I bought the system to keep a raccoon off my bird feeder poles. The raccoon was knocking the feeders down and damaging them. I configured them at the base of the 4X4. Success! No raccoon on the feeders.

Review Rate
Review posted on
October 13, 2017
Great Product By Julie

It was very easy to set up and worked better than I had hoped! I can sit in my back yard and enjoy my hedges without my dog trying to eat his way through to the dog next door!! Thanks for a great product.

Review Rate
Review posted on
June 17, 2017
A great product By Jim

When I took the parts out of the box, I had doubts about it helping me with my war against the ground hogs, but with a minimal investment in more wire and a few more posts, the ground hogs and rabbits were defeated. The fence was easy to put up and has stood up through some rough weather. My vegetables are doing very well. The product exceeded expectations.

Review Rate
Review posted on
May 15, 2017
Eh? By I don't require a nickname........ Annoying

I won't be able to install this before the 30 day guarantee wears out so I'm not sure how to rate the kit. One thing which bothers me is the differing instructions. In one place I see 250 feet of fencing but in another place I see it is good for 100 linear feet. Will it power 250 feet? Also, if it is 100 linear feet and you have 3 wires that cuts me down to 33 feet doesn't it? Not a very big area of coverage if you are protecting your corn crop from critters.

Response From Zareba®
Patty : Consumer Relations Representative

We appreciate the time taken to provide this feedback and apologize for the experience.  

With the 250 feet of wire included, this kit can be set up to protect an area with 100 feet of fence that has two strands of wire.  Additional wire can be used, up to a total of one mile, for larger fenced areas or if more strands are needed on the fence.  Feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-5-ZAREBA (1-855-592-7322) with any additional questions.

Review Rate
Review posted on
March 1, 2017
critter keeper outer By mike

I just ordered a second charger for another garden. Two years ago I almost gave up gardening because of woodchucks eating everything in sight. I finally decided to try electric fencing as a last resort. This did the job, woodchucks are gone. Only problem I had and still have is seeing the tester in daylight. Bought another more expensive tester but still need to test at dusk or later. I would recommend the electric fence kit to anyone who needs protection from critters.

Review Rate
Review posted on
August 28, 2016
Great customer service! By Julitta
Not only did this item work for what I needed it for, which was to keep my pets in my yard they offer great customer service. I ordered it via telephone and was told that if I had problems installing it that I could call and they would walk me thru it step by step. I am at no means an expert in installing things like this so I took them up on their offer. They were great!
Review Rate
Review posted on
August 21, 2016
Zareba Battery Powered Garden Kit Has a Good Zap By EllisandKaren
We like this little system. The DC Powered Charger gets Five Stars and provides a surprising shock in the pulse it emits every second or so. Curious to see how much bite it has, I touched it a few different times and cannot leave my hand on the fence for more than one pulse at a time : ). It's amazing that 2 D batteries can put out that kind of voltage. So it should certainly be an effective deterrent to animals wanting to get into our garden.

We would like for the Poly Posts (3 Stars) to be stronger, more rigid, and to run deeper into the ground. They bow from the tension of the aluminum wire if you pull it tight enough so that the wire is straighter. We had to support the top of the corner and end posts with poly string running to spikes in the ground, to pull the posts in the opposite direction of the tension and bowing, in order to straighten them. We also had to further support the posts by zip-tying them to spikes that went deeper into the ground. Maybe if you run less wires and don
Review Rate
Review posted on
May 31, 2016
Too early to tell By MTspacez
Last year the raccoons enjoyed my blueberries before I could. This year I'm doing my best to keep them away, hopefully Zareba will be an assistant in that department. The berries are just starting to blossom, so it's a bit early to tell. The supplied posts weren't adequate, and kept popping out when I tried to put more tension on the wire, so I ended up buying some PVC pipe and that worked much better. I'm also working on a way to make the charger solar powered, so I don't have to worry about the batteries wearing out. I think next year I'm going to restring the lines using something less likely to kink than the supplied line. Trying to run the lines was a tedious task, since I was doing it alone, and the ends kept on getting snagged on anything that was close to where my berries are. I'm looking for something similar to bicycle brake lines, that's a stranded cable which will carry a current, but feed through the posts more smoothly.
Review Rate
Review posted on
April 30, 2016
no more racoons in the pond By bobo
works great even keeps the dog out great value for the money
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Q.What is the minimum distance between the + and ground wires? What is the voltage level of the + wire?

We recommended spacing wires at least 4 inches apart to prevent arcing or shorting out. The no load voltage output of this energizer is 7,500 volts.

Q.can it be used against rats on a raised vegetable bed?

When installing an electric fence, the wires should be placed a minimum of 4-5 inches from any non-insulated items.  Due to this, we do not recommend the use of electric fences to deter rats, as they are able to pass under without touching the wire.

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Chargers are the heart of the fence system, providing the source for the electric current that flows through the fence wire.

The size of charger needed is dependent upon your fencing needs. These needs are determined by three main factors: the length of the fence (number of wires), the power source (AC, DC or Solar), and the type of animal being contained or excluded.

See our comparison charts of our fence chargers to help you determine which is best for your needs.


There are three main types of chargers: AC-Powered, Battery-Operated and Solar-Powered. The source of power for the charger to function determines the type of charger you will be using. Each type of charger has specific situations in which it is most desirable to use.

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