Questions about Zareba® Black Step-In Fence Post


Q.Do you need to use insulators with step-in posts? If so, what type?

This product does not require any additional insulators. 

Q.How well do these hold up over the years? Do they wear down easily in the sun, become brittle etc...?

This product is made to last as it is constructed with durable polypropylene and steel.

Q.Is the 4 ft measurement including the spike so really just maybe 3.5 ft above ground?

The portion that sticks out of the ground is 38 inches. The entire post is 48 inches.

Q.What is your suggested spacing for theses posts? thanks in advance Brad

Posts for electrical fencing are typically spaced 12-20 feet apart. The spacing may vary depending on the animals being contained, terrain, wire type, and personal preference.

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