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How To Ground Your Electric Fence

How To Ground Your Electric Fence

ground your electric fence Your electric fence works by completing an electrical circuit whenever an animal touches the fence. The electric current originates at the energizer, travels down the fence and goes through the animal to the ground. The soil then transmits the current to grounding rods which are connected back to your energizer, completing the circuit and delivering a corrective shock to the animal.

Most fences will need two or three grounding rods, spaced about ten feet apart, near the beginning of the fence. Very dry or rocky soil may require additional ground rods. These rods are either six or eight feet high and are installed by simply pounding them into the ground. The tips are hardened steel which allows them to splits rocks. They are very tough, so pound away.

Once the ground rods are installed, you need to connect them to your energizer. Start by running insulated wire from your energizer to the nearest ground rod. Use a ground rod clamp to connect the wire to the rod. Continue to connect each rod to its neighbor using the same method.

Finally, connect the insulated wire to your energizer. The energizer has two connectors, one for the live wire and the other for the ground. Look for the ground symbol to be sure you’re connecting it to the correct side: grounding symbol

Once the wire is connected to the energizer, cover the connection with the green knob to easily identify which side is the ground. Remember “green means ground” and “red means hot”. energizer terminals

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