What is a Polytape Electric Fence

What is a Polytape Electric Fence

Livestock managers have a variety of choices available to them when selecting components for their electrical fencing. Determining the type of fence to construct is one of these key decisions. Thanks to its flexibility in use, a poly tape fence may be just what’s needed. polytape

What is PolyTape?

Polytape is a ribbon-like fencing option that’s made from woven strands of non-conductive polyethylene. This woven tape, which is available in several widths, is further laced with conductive metal threads that transmit voltage along a fence perimeter.

Just like a traditional wire-based electric fence, when an animal comes in contact with the poly tape, they receive a mild, corrective shock.

Why Use PolyTape?

Polytape stands out as a choice for electric fencing for several reasons:

  • Visibility: Polytape provides an easily spotted visual cue for animals. Its wide profile and stark white or yellow color make it visible from a distance. Horses, in particular, seem to benefit from poly tape fencing because of its visibility.
  • Lightweight: Compared to more traditional fencing, polytape is lightweight, flexible and easy to work with. It’s a perfect temporary fencing.
  • Installation: Polytape is easy to install and repair. The tape requires only hand tensioning, which allows the fence to rise over hills and turn corners. Other securing options include insulators that can slide over posts or be screwed into fence posts.
  • Durability: Although it has metal laced into the plastic ribbon, poly tape will not rust. Further, its plastic and metal construction means that it sees little wear and tear from everyday use. Strong winds rarely upset poly tape thanks to its fibrous lacing.

PolyTape for Rotational Grazing

There are many benefits to using poly tape in rotational grazing. Since polytape can be installed quickly and is easily spotted by livestock as they adjust to their new boundaries, this electric fence allows you to:

  • Quickly adjust paddock sizes and subdivide pastures.
  • Block access to “resting” paddocks.
  • Create paths from one paddock to the next.
  • Keep livestock in areas where forage growth is at its peak.

PolyTape Sizes

Electric fence polytape is available in three sizes – half-inch, 1-inch and 2-inch. The size you choose is based on few factors:

  • Size of Pasture: Large pastures should be protected by 2-inch polytape because it’s easier for livestock to see the fence from a distance. Without the easy-to-see 2-inch polytape, a bolting animal could plow through smaller size fence tape before it’s even able to react from a corrective shock.
  • Visual Ability of Livestock: Be aware that some livestock have better vision than others. Half-inch and one inch polytape can be used with animals that can easily spot the fencing as they approach it. Animals with poor eyesight, such as cows and cattle, are best served by 2-inch poly tape.
  • Size of the Animal: The 2-inch polytape makes a great horse fence and can be used on animals of a similar size. Smaller animals will respond just as well to the half-inch and 1-inch poly tapes.

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More Supplies for a PolyTape Fence

Zareba® offers everything you need to build a polytape fence on your property. Among the items available are insulators, connectors , splicers, tensioners and other products built especially for use with polytape.

Using items built especially for polytape will help you assemble your fence easily and quickly. Using them also gives you peace of mind that your fence is installed correctly and safely.

Your PolyTape Choice

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