Purple Paint Law: Trespassing Rules & Regulations

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Protecting your animals sometimes means protecting your property from trespassers. In many states, you might see purple markings on fences, trees, or other objects when hunting, driving around, or exploring new places. You might not even think twice about it – but you should. In certain states, there is a Purple Paint Law. This law allows landowners to paint a fence or a pole purple to indicate "no trespassing."

What are Purple Paint Laws?

Purple paint on trees, fences, or other objects means “keep out” or “no trespassing” in many states. This legislature means that homeowners can legally signal to hikers, hunters, and others to stay off their private property. If a person ignores the purple marking, they can legally be held responsible for trespassing on private property. It works just as a sign works to indicate that the land is individually owned.

Why use purple paint instead of a sign? Purple marks are more permanent and can be more recognizable from a distance. Plus, purple paint laws are common enough now that manufactures are adapting. Some companies have even made fluorescent paints for marking things like gas lines.

On some occasions, property signs can get knocked down by weather, animals, or stolen by people. Permanent paint marking replaces the concern that the trespassing sign will get knocked down, vandalized, or taken, ensuring that people know that your property is private land 24/7.

This law isn’t just in place to keep landowners and their cattle safe, it also assists busy farmers who cannot keep an eye on their land borders. Farmers can easily mark trees around their land in a cost-effective way rather than taking time and money to invest in property signs that may not last very long.

States with Purple Paint Laws

When marking your property, it’s not just spraying purple paint around your property. Nationwide there are specific requirements about how to mark your property with purple paint. Purple paint markings need to be 8-inches long by 1-inch wide and be 3-5 feet above the ground. Markings also should be on multiple trees/objects no more than 100 feet apart.

The following is a list is states where the law is applicable. Click on your state to take a more in-depth look at the legislation:

The meaning of the purple paint varies from state to state. In Texas, land posted with purple paint is closed to trespassing of any kind. But in North Carolina, purple paint indicates ONLY hunting, fishing, and trapping. Make sure to do your research about the laws and regulations of your state when it comes to trespassing so that you understand what you can do to protect your property.

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