16 Great Uses for T-Post Brackets

16 Great Uses for T-Post Brackets

T-posts are great to use when mounting a fence – they are strong, sturdy and last for years. Zareba, however, realized they could be much more than that. Our new T-Post Brackets give ranchers, farmers, construction site managers and homeowners an opportunity to transform these steel fence posts into something more.

T-Post Brackets – Made for Horizontal or Vertical Additions to Fence Posts

Uses for t-post bracketsZareba® T-Post Brackets are available as a horizontal or vertical mount. Simply slide these brackets over the top of a T-Post and lock into place. From there, you can attach any number of objects on these patent-pending, solid steel brackets thanks to their pre-drilled mounting holes.

  • Horizontal – Slide this bracket down your t-post to your preferred height, and then lever it downward to lock it into place. With that set, it’s easy to attach items to its long mounting tab, which runs perpendicular to the t-post via any of its three pre-drilled holes.
  • Vertical – After sliding this into place, this bracket uses the same levering action to lock it in place as the horizontal bracket. Once it’s at the right height, it offers a mounting tab that hangs parallel with the t-post.

What Can You Mount with a T-Post Bracket?

With their simple design and ease of use, these T-Post Brackets have tremendous utility around the yard, farm, ranch or construction site. Use them to mount:

1. Electric and solar fence chargers – Our favorite use for T-Post Brackets, but not the only one!
2. Bird feeders – Hang a bird feeder from a horizontal bracket or mount one directly with a vertical bracket.
3. Bird houses and boxes – Add a little life to your fence by providing another place for birds to live, in return you get help with your pest control!
4. Mailboxes – Mount your mailbox on a long-lasting t-post rather than 4×4 wood post that may disintegrate in a few years.
5. Newspaper tubes – Getting home delivery? Add a newspaper tube to protect your paper from the weather.
6. Game cameras – No need for trees! Place a game camera in field, near a pond or anywhere you want. Just add a t-post and install the camera on a T-Post Bracket.
7. Security cameras – Concerned about your site’s security? Add an inconspicuous camera anywhere you need!
8. Rain gauges and other equipment – With the help of our T-Post Brackets, your fence is the perfect place to add rain gauges, thermometers, wind gauges and other measuring equipment.
9. Outdoor shelving – Clip horizontal brackets to two neighboring metal fence posts and run a board between them for a quick-and-easy shelf.
10. Lighting – Attach your lighting – temporary or permanent – to a post to help you get the job done.
11. Solar panels – With all that open, treeless space on your fence, adding solar panels is a no-brainer! With them, you’ll have power to run tools or remote outdoor lights.
12. Signs and reflectors – Hang “Livestock Crossing” signs or simple reflectors to direct traffic on these brackets.
13. Salt Licks – Mount your salt licks and other livestock supplements to your posts.
14. Cable Slings – If you’re running cable or electric, sling it to your fence by clipping it to a bracket. Great for keeping an extension cord handy, too.
15. Hose Holders – Wrap your hose on the tab and then strap it down with a cord.
16. Hanging Hooks & Chains – Not sure what you’ll be adding to your metal fence stakes? Just add a hanging hook or chain for later use!

Your Plans for T-Post Brackets

How are you going to be using these T-Post Brackets? We’d love to hear about it. Be sure to tell us the next time you visit Zareba® Systems on Facebook.

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