ElectroBraid® Buy 2 Reels, Get 1 FREE Fence Tester (ZarebaSystems.com Exclusive Bundle)

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ElectroBraid® Buy 2 Reels, Get 1 FREE Fence Tester (ZarebaSystems.com Exclusive Bundle)

ElectroBraid® Buy 2 Reels, Get 1 FREE Fence Tester (ZarebaSystems.com Exclusive Bundle)

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Buy 2 ElectroBraid® Reels, Get 1 FREE Fence Tester (ZarebaSystems.com Exclusive Bundle)

Buy 2 Reels, Get 1 FREE Fence Tester (ZarebaSystems.com Exclusive Bundle) Horse Fence Conductor Reel will supply you with plenty of material to protect your livestock. It is the main component of the safe, secure and simple all copper electric fence system designed by ElectroBraid® exclusively for horses. ElectroBraid™ is the most recommended horse fence by veterinarians for safety.

What is ElectroBraid®?

ElectroBraid® is a permanent electric fence designed especially for horses. It is both a physical barrier and a psychological deterrent. It is highly visible to horses, strong, durable and resilient.


What does it look like?

ElectroBraid® looks like high quality braided yachting rope. A double helix of copper wire conductors is braided into the outer jacket of the rope. 3 or 4 strands of Braid of ¼ inch diameter are mounted on electrical insulators on fence posts. Fence posts can be wood, vinyl, steel or fiberglass, spaced 30 to 50 feet apart. The Braid comes in white, black or speckled.

Why is it new and different?

Traditional electric cattle fencing uses small diameter steel wires which are hard for horses to see. The ropes of ElectroBraid® are highly visible. Their break strength is equal to the steel wire but they are resilient like the ropes in a boxing ring. ElectroBraid® can absorb the energy of a panicked horse at full gallop and will typically bounce the horse back into its pasture with no harm to horse or fence.

How durable is ElectroBraid® Fence?

The high-grade polyester fiber is the same fiber used in automotive seat belts and parachute harnesses. Polyester resists attack by ultra-violet light, salt, manure and most farm chemicals. The copper develops an oxidized outer layer or 'patina' that protects the copper wire from corrosion.

How does it work?

ElectroBraid® Fence is both a physical barrier and a psychological deterrent. Once a horse receives a shock, the horse should not go near the fence again. It won't rub against the fence. It won't crib on it. And it won't try to jump over it or go through it or go under. It doesn't want to get shocked again.

Is the electric shock harmless?

The electric shock from a UL or CSA approved fence energizer is completely harmless. The shock is extremely low amperage for 3/10,000 of a second, once a second. The shock is similar to the static shock you get from touching your TV screen, but more painful. Once shocked, neither you, nor your horse will want to touch the fence again.

How do horses feel about ElectroBraid®?

"Horses love ElectroBraid®!" our customers tell us. Horses are herd animals, born to roam free in wide open spaces. With ElectroBraid® fence, all the horses can see each other and stallions can see their mares. There are no places for predators to hide. Horses don't pace up and down their fence line. Owners say horses are more relaxed. They can see you and you can see them!

Why is the installed cost low?

ElectroBraid® can be self-installed with hand-tools, by almost anyone….like stringing clothes line. A professional fence installer is not required. The Braid costs 16 to 18 cents a foot. Fence posts can be set 30 to 50 feet apart depending on terrain and local snow conditions. By contrast, conventional horse fences require a post every 8 or 10 feet. To relocate your ElectroBraid® fence, you don't need a contractor.

Why is maintenance cost low?

If you properly install your corner and end posts, they won't move. Brass and copper components won't corrode. Horses don't crib on ElectroBraid® or rub against it. Repairs are quick and easily done by hand.

What maintenance is required?

Walk the fence line to confirm your fence has not been damaged. Check the voltage regularly.

How can ElectroBraid® protect an existing fence?

Mount ElectroBraid® as a single strand on top of almost any fence. The psychological deterrence to horses is dramatic.

Why is ElectroBraid® different from other electric fence systems?

  • ElectroBraid® is dimensionally stable because of its braided-over-inner-core construction. The braid shrinks back to its original length, even after stretching.
  • The copper wire conductors in ElectroBraid® are formed in helical coils like springs. This allows bend and stretch. All tension is taken by the fiber strands. The copper wires won't break up to 600 pounds of tension and cannot break under normal loads.
  • Conventional high tensile wire (HTW) electric fence is good for cattle but not for horses. Unlike cattle, horses are excitable, high-strung animals. Horses often don't see the steel fence wires. The wires can break under impact and wrap and cut and puncture flesh.
  • Certain electric fence rail systems are especially made for horses. These are worth considering but tend to be expensive to install and may not be as safe as ElectroBraid®.

Why does ElectroBraid® specify accessories of copper, brass and glass-filled nylon?

Quality…. Quality…. Quality…. It costs a little more but saves a fortune in performance and durability. Brass is an alloy of copper. Glass filled nylon is the strongest available commercial plastic material for insulator construction. Copper and brass are compatible metals. Brass is an alloy of copper. They don't suffer the natural electrolytic corrosion that occurs when dissimilar metals come in contact with each other. Copper does not rust. It develops an oxidized protective coating called a "patina". Next to gold and silver, copper is the best natural conductor of electricity. Copper is 70 times more conductive than steel. Telephone and power companies use only copper wiring.


Buy 2 Reels, Get 1 FREE Fence Tester (ZarebaSystems.com Exclusive Bundle)

  • (2) 1000 Ft Black ElectroBraid® Reels
  • (1) Free Zareba® Fence Tester, Item # (DEFT-Z)
  • Braided polyester fiber jacket and strong polypropylene core
  • Highly visible
  • Resilient - bounces back when struck by a panicked horse
  • Meets the high standards established for seatbelts and parachute harness
  • 600 lb. breaking strength
  • Low maintenance
  • Tension tight and will not unravel
  • More UV resistant than other synthetics
  • Copper Conductivity exceeds performance stainless, mixed metal and steel wire
  • Easy to install
  • ElectroBraid® Is America's #1 Horse Fence - Safe, Secure and Simple to install
  • FREE Warning Sign, Item # (WS3-EB)

25 Year Limited Product Performance Warranty

ElectroBraid® Braid will not rust, rot, lose strength due to sunlight or weathering, break when installed as a permanent fence or prove defective in workmanship or material. Any reel of ElectroBraid® Braid that is defective will be replaced at no charge to the purchaser. This warranty is in effect for 25 years from the date of purchase.

Limitations: This warranty does not cover ElectroBraid® Braid that has been damaged by lightning strike, burning or melting, mechanical shearing or cutting, abrasion due to poor installation, breaking due to excess mechanical force, or breaks in conductor wires or wear and tear from fence relocation or rotational grazing. In no event shall ElectroBraid be liable for consequential or incidental damages of any kind, including personal injuries.

For any ElectroBraid® Braid, retain your receipt for proof of purchase. To obtain performance under this warranty: upon discovery of an apparent defect, promptly notify Woodstream Corporation (855-EBFENCE). Include with your notification at least 12 feet of ElectroBraid® Braid, showing the apparent defect along with your proof of purchase.

Terms Applicable to both the 30-Day Return Policy and the 25 Year Limited Warranty

Neither the 30-Day Return Policy nor the Limited Warranty applies to any defect caused by improper installation, misuse, product alterations, tampering, neglect, or any similar reason not related to product malfunctions or defects in the materials or workmanship of the product. The 30-Day Return Policy and the 25 Year Limited Warranty are given only to the original purchaser of the product and not to any subsequent owners or to any other user or person when installed and used in accordance with the instructions found in the owner’s manual. No person is authorized to grant any warranty additional to or different from this written warranty.

To make a warranty claim, you must contact Woodstream Corp. at 855-EBFENCE or www.zarebasystems.com or www.electrobraid.com regarding the defective product during the warranty period.

You will need to provide information such as, your name, mailing address, proof of your purchase date, photos, and a description of the problem. If the defect is covered by the limited warranty, Woodstream Corp. will replace the defective product.

Neither the seller nor the manufacturer shall have any liability for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from or caused by any defect, failure, or malfunction of any product.

Upon expiration of the 30-Day Return Policy, no warranty or guarantee other than the Limited Warranty provided herein is made, either expresses or implied. Implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose which may arise at law are hereby expressly disclaimed unless state law precludes disclaiming them in which case they are limited in duration to the limited warranty period.

Some states do not allow limitations on the duration of implied warranties, exclusion, or limitation of incidental or consequential damages for certain purchasers, so the above exclusions or limitations may not apply to you. This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

Please contact Woodstream Corp. for all warranty claims or returns:

Woodstream Corp.

69 North Locust Street

Lititz, PA. 17543





Disclaimer: Zareba® System does not endorse any information contained in product reviews. Please follow all label instructions for your specific use.

Most Recent Customer Reviews

Review Rate
Review posted on swww.zarebasystems.com
August 5, 2017
very good By Patrick

Excellent product, have used this previously and purchased from TSC. Better bundled prices on the website, helpful phone personel. However took a while to get them to answer on hold for some time. Product shipped and arrived quickly

Review Rate
Review posted on swww.zarebasystems.com
May 24, 2016
Good product By Hfry90

Good product, shipped VERY quickly. The fence is hot and the horses respect it. Long term will see how it holds up, but so far I prefer it over the stainless steel alternative I was using at prior residence. Will continue to fence rest of my paddocks with this as time allows.

Review Rate
Review posted on swww.zarebasystems.com
April 9, 2013
Ramm - ElectroBraid® 1000 ft. Reel (Black) By
the fencing I bought from you for my road frontage has survived the hurricane, no damages no ripping nothing. Now I am looking into replacing all of my mesh fencing, my husband is gonna kill me for this.
Review Rate
Review posted on swww.zarebasystems.com
April 9, 2013
Ramm Review - ElectroBraid® 1000 ft. Reel (White) By
We have three strand Electrobraid fencing with a board on the top, on wooden posts, to keep our horses contained. Living in central Virginia, we were in the path of the Derecho that came through in late June. We had some damage around the house that we cleaned up immediately, and unplugged our fence charger even though the power was off (for 9 days as it turned out). It was 5 days later that we were able to check the last of the fence line for damage. When the trees fell on the fence, the tree forced the Electrobraid to the ground, in some places over 6 feet from where it was supposed to be. After working on the spot for 2 hours with a chain saw and a string trimmer, as soon as the trees were off of the braid, it returned to its proper position. We had numerous insulators that needed to be replaced, but we didn't even have to retighten the braid itself. We are still waiting for the board to spring back into position.ha ha (that wont ever happen) I was very impressed with the resilience of the Electrobraid. What a great product.
Review Rate
Review posted on swww.zarebasystems.com
October 21, 2012
Amazon Review - ElectroBraid® 1000 ft. Reel (Black) By
I am a horse trainer and I work in vet med; and I have seen many horse fence related accidents. I have seen too many horses euthanized due to other fencing. I bought this to prevent injury to MY horses. In my (and many equine veterinarians opinion); electrobraid is the safest horse fence. Injuries are more rope burn like with elecrobraid where as lacerations, tendon and muscle lacerations, paralysis and nerve damage, and wire entanglements are common injuries to wire or wood fencing. The white is MUCH more visible but I bought the black and have 4 lines up and love it. The black goes nicely with my house and palm trees. I have solar lights at night on the posts and it it beautiful. It is easy to put up and I can change or add on to this fence easily- in a matter of hrs and cheaply. I only have two horses in it and the blacks low visibility could be a problem if I had more horses but I like the look and I have no problems. They respect it. I can easily move lines which are hot lines too; allowing easy pass for the neighbors dog to come and go if I want -or don't want. I would caution using all black with more horses as they would be more likely to be working out their pecking order and need a more visible fence.
Review Rate
Review posted on swww.zarebasystems.com
August 13, 2012
Amazon Review - ElectroBraid® 1000 ft. Reel (Black) By
This stuff is great. Goes up very easy and the horses respect it. My horses are older so I don't have to keep electric on it but it is very forgiving when they bump into it. Has been up for over a year with no fading or sag, even after a Ohio winter. Holds up nice when branches fall on it. Just pick them up off the fence and it goes right back into position. I am putting up another 1500 feet on my front pasture. We like that you can see through it from a distance and get a nice view of the horses grazing. Ps. Also holds up nice to deer running into it
Review Rate
Review posted on swww.zarebasystems.com
April 30, 2012
A good choice - Originally posted on TractorSupply.com By
We've had our pasture fenced with electrobraid since October 2011 and are very pleased with it. We chose to put up round posts conventionally but at 35 rather than 50 foot intervals. The wire went up easily and, with the tensioners (get 2) the whole field ended up uniformly tight. What I like most is that you can easily add temporary fences and electrify them just by tapping on the existing fence. My only complaint is that the post insulators and copper connectors seem over priced for the number you get. Otherwise this system has been a good investment for safely fencing in our horses.
Read All Reviews (7) Write a Review
Q.I really like the appearance of the electro braid and would like to use it for cattle as well. I only see horses mentioned. While the priority is my horses, is there any reason to fear fencing a couple of cows and calves? No bull's.

Electrobraid is not just for horses and may be used to fence in other animals as well.

Q.Is this electric fence poly-braid, or is this a reel for poly-braid wire?

Each reel contains 1,000 feet of ElectroBraid® poly braid.

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