Electric Dog Fence and Fencing for Pets

Dog fencing

Zareba® provides two different options for above-ground electric fence for pets to contain dogs and other pets: retrofit existing fences and semi-permanent fences. Your best choice will depend on your dog’s personality, height, weight, fur length, and the tendency of the breed to dig or jump.

Retrofit existing fences

For existing wood, vinyl or chain link fences, an electrified wire at the bottom will prevent digging, and an electrified wire at the top will prevent climbing. The wires are on the inside when keeping dogs in, and on the outside when trying to keep other animals out.

Insulators are available in a variety of styles to match current fences you may have. Add poly-wire or poly-tape along with a fence charger and ground system and you have got a simple, low cost way to “dog-proof” an existing fence.

Note: You cannot directly electrify a chain link or woven wire fence, as this type of fence will ground out.

Semi-permanent pet fences

You can create your own electric fence for small animals using T-posts and poly-wire or tape. Fence posts should be spaced 5-12 feet apart, depending on the shape and terrain of your yard.

Wires should start close to the ground and then be spaced 4-6 inches apart. Use 3 to 10 wires, depending on the size, personality and jumping ability of the dog.

Because the wires are close to the ground, you should keep them free of vegetation and use a low-impedance fence charger. A low-impedance charger increases its energy output as vegetation drains energy from the electric fence for pets.

Zareba® offers pet/nuisance animal control kits that include everything you will need to build a small fence.


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