Rabbits, like other small critters, love to get into your garden and destroy your work. Not only do they eat up the landscape, but they also can cause expensive damage to your garden and the surrounding area.

Find out if you have rabbits in your garden by looking for specific signs like the following:

  • Plants completely disappear overnight
  • Chewed vegetation
  • Signs of digging in the dirt or tufts of fur caught on plants
  • Signs of droppings
  • Holes in the ground

Fencing Your Garden Against Rabbits

With an electric garden fence, you can protect your garden and plants from being eaten or destroyed. When facing a rabbit problem, our Zareba® Garden Protector Electric Fence Kit can be the solution.

Inside our kit, you can find everything you need to start building your fence, including:

  • AC Fence Charger
  • Reel of electric fence wire
  • Step-in Insulated Fence Posts
  • Ground Rod
  • Hookup Wire

This fence is specifically designed for small animals, giving them gentle shocks when they try to breach the perimeter. It also conditions them not to return. This kit can cover a 625-square-foot area using one strand. By adding more kits, you can extend the chargers range up to one mile.

However, if you are building your fence, we have all the components and different parts that you’ll need to purchase on our site individually.

When you’re setting up your fence to protect your garden from rabbits, it’s best to use 3 to 5 wires. Space these wires 4 inches apart and place the first wire at 4 inches. Because these wires are close to the ground, you should keep them free from vegetation. Keep in mind that rabbits like to jump, so it’s best to remove anything surrounding the fence that will allow them to jump over and into the garden.


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