Raccoons are nocturnal scavengers by nature that can make their way into your garden to make a dinner of all your hard work. Because you can’t actively try to chase them away at night, you need to take preventative measures so that that your garden thrives.

Here are some signs that that raccoons might be in your yard and garden:

  • Dug up lawns or mulch piles
  • Empty birdfeeders
  • Distinctive five-toed paw tracks
  • Scratches on trees or fencing
  • Looted trashcans
  • Specific damage of sweet corn

One of the most effective ways to protect your garden is by placing an electric fence around your garden so that raccoons can’t make a snack out of your flowers or vegetables/fruit. Raccoons can also pose a threat to smaller livestock and poultry.

Keeping Raccoons Out

From our AC Garden Protector Electric Fence Kits to our Solar Garden Protection kits, we at Zareba® make it easy for you to start protecting your garden while giving you options. This fence is specifically designed for small animals, giving them gentle shocks when they try to breach the perimeter. It also conditions them not to return.

This kit can cover a 625-square-foot area using one strand. By adding more kits, you can extend the chargers range up to one mile.

Each of our kits includes the essentials; fence chargers, wires, plastic posts, and connectors. It allows you to get your fence up and running quickly. You can also purchase all these components separately in our online store.

When fencing out raccoons, you want to make sure that you are spacing one wire 4-6 inches about ground level. Clear vegetation near the wiring so that it doesn’t get in the way and prevent the shocks from happening. Raccoons can also climb onto things to make their way into your garden, so make sure you remove anything near the siding of the fence that they can use.


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