ElectroBraid® Electric Horse Fence

ElectroBraid® is the number one choice in electric fencing for horses across the globe. With its unique brand of electric fencing that is trusted by horse owners, the ElectroBraid® product line focuses on electric chargers, highly visible polyrope and specially designed fencepost insulators.

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Put ElectroBraid® on Your Property

If you want to provide the safest fencing for your horse, you can count on ElectroBraid®. At ElectroBraid®, understanding horses and how they interact with fencing has helped the company develop the best possible product. Further, ElectroBraid® stands behind its electric fencing products, all of which are produced with quality and durability in mind. In fact, ElectroBraid® offers these four promises to horse owners: Read More »

Trust ElectroBraid® – With so much variation in how an electric fence can be assembled, it’s important to provide a selection of products to match those needs. That’s why ElectroBraid® offers so many options – to help you assemble a fence to cover any terrain for your horses.

Come to ElectroBraid® for Help – ElectroBraid® is ready to assist you with any questions you may have while installing or performing maintenance on your horse fence. ElectroBraid® and its sister companies have developed a number of resources for this, including the electric fence Learning Center, YouTube videos and the dedicated ElectroBraid® blog. Another option is to visit the ElectroBraid® Facebook page and sign up for the eNewsletter at Electrobraid.com – it offers tips and product coupons. Even the ElectroBraid® Consumer Care Associates are ready to help you with your fence questions!

ElectroBraid® Meets Your Needs – ElectroBraid® is all about providing options to horse owners. Since individual horses, terrain and other concerns may require a unique approach to assembling an electric fence, ElectroBraid® has focused on developing a wide selection of products to meet those needs. The variety of ElectroBraid® products helps you build a fence to keep your horses safe, secure and happy.

ElectroBraid® Has an Eye on the Future – ElectroBraid® has been a force of innovation for horse owners since its inception which focused on a unique polybraid design. It continues that core mission of serving horse owners today, and you can turn to ElectroBraid® for the latest technology advances in electric fencing for horses.

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