Electric Fence Replacement Parts

Hunting for parts to your Zareba® electric fence energizer? You’ve come to the right place. We also carry parts compatible with Red Snap’r®, Blitzer®, American Farmworks® and Fi-Shock® fence chargers and electric fence accessories. These pieces are often specific to a particular brand or model number, so make sure to read the details in the product description before you order. If you have questions before you place your order or the wrong piece arrives, don’t hesitate to contact our Consumer Care Team at 855-5-ZAREBA. They’re ready to help you!

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Warranty and Repair

A Zareba Certified Repair Center is your best option when you need to repair your electric fence charger still under warranty. Our Certified Repair Centers handle all kinds of in-warranty troubleshooting and repair. For out of warranty repairs, you may contact the location of your choice to determine rates. When shipping your charger to a repair center, adequately package it for protection and always ship with a tracking number.

Repairing the fence charger yourself nulls all warranties and you assume all risk when attempting repairs yourself. After the charger has been "repaired" or modified all warranties become null and void. In addition, all state and federal inspections and approvals such as UL or CE are terminated.

When repairing a fence charger, be aware that most chargers will continue to hold a charge long after they have been unplugged or disconnected from the battery. This means it is still possible to be shocked by an unplugged fence charger. To be sure your fence charger is safe to work on use an electric fence tester to determine if any electrical charge remains in the charger. Always use common sense and practice safety when performing fence charger repairs.

Electric Fence Replacement Parts

When a fence charger stops functioning it creates a pressing situation. Getting your broken fence charger working again quickly is imperative to the safety of your animals and success of your operation.

Zareba Fencing Systems provides high quality fence charger replacement parts to make your repairs fast and simple. We carry parts for both current and past obsolete Zareba, Red Snap'r, and Fi-Shock brand fence charger models which we have in current inventory.

Electric fence replacement parts are available in the following categories:


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