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Zareba® and Fi-Shock® Join Forces to Create One Trusted Leader

Woodstream Corporation completed its merger with Zareba® Systems, Inc. and, as a result, Zareba® has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, as of April 2010. Zareba's and Woodstream's Fi-Shock® product offerings are highly complementary and represent an impressive portfolio of products, brands, experience and intellectual property in the animal containment category.


Together, Fi-Shock® and Zareba® possess over 110 years of electronic containment experience, which presents clients with a complete and fully integrated product line. The primary focus will continue to be electric fencing and everything needed to design and build a quality fence system, ideal for livestock, swine, horse containment, exotic animals, and for farm and garden protection from predators and wildlife.


Electric fences are an economical alternative to conventional, barbed, and woven wire fencing. Long lasting, easy to install and extremely dependable, Fi-Shock® and Zareba® Systems use a safe, energized pulse to train animals to avoid the fence.


For the most comprehensive products in electric fence, select Woodstream for both Fi-Shock® and Zareba® Systems' products:


  • A wide range of AC, battery and solar-powered fence controllers
  • Insulators for every type of post
  • Fence line in poly wire, poly tape, and poly rope
  • Temporary and portable fence kits
  • Electric Netting
  • High-tensile fence systems
  • Equine fence systems
  • Accessories and hardware for setting up and maintaining your electric fence system


Fi-Shock® and Zareba® design and manufacture several well-known, superior brand name fence controllers with proven reliability that our customers can count on.  Zareba‘s Ellendale, Minnesota and Oakham, UK, operating units will significantly increase Woodstream's capabilities in serving customers around the world.  In addition, American Farmworks®, Red Snap'r® and Blitzer® will now enhance the Woodstream portfolio of brands which include Fi-Shock®, Victor®, Havahart®, Safer® Brand, Perky-Pet® and Mosquito Magnet® among others.



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