We’re On Your Side Of The Fence We’re On Your Side Of The Fence

We’re On Your Side Of The Fence

The experts in electric fencing for over 75 years, Zareba® manufactures the most comprehensive selection of animal containment solutions in North America.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide consumers with an unparalleled selection of electric fence supplies and accessories to properly protect their property and livestock.

Leader in Electric Fencing For Over 75 Years

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The precursor of Zareba Systems, Northern Signal Company of Milwaukee, WI, was among the first to enter the U.S. electric fencing scene with its Northern Signal and later Electro-Line and Blitzer brands of fence controllers. The company, founded by Ewing Nunn and Frank Schneider, had humble beginnings starting out in the basement of Mr. Schneider’s home. The pair encountered little interest from existing fence manufacturers when trying to market their wares, and instead decided to undertake the sale of the fence controllers themselves after finding a distributor in Whitewater, WI. Read More »

Woodstream Family of Brands

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