Video Library

View our library of videos to help with your fencing needs. Learn how to install a fence charger, setup a grounding system, or even tension your fence line, as well as much more. 


Electric Fence Wire Buying Guide


Electric Fence Charger Buying Guide


How Electric Fencing Works


How to Install an AC (Plugin) Fence Charger


How to Install a Solar Fence Charger


How to Install Ground Rods for your Electric Fence


Intelligizer Fence Monitor by Zareba® - Commercial


Intelligizer Fence Monitor Unboxing and Installation


Ground Rod Installation the Easy Way – Zareba® Sectional Ground Rod Kit


Benefits of Electric Fencing and Installation Tips


How to Install a High Tensile Electric Fence System


Simple Maintenance Tasks for High-Tensile Electric Fencing


How to Install Gates for Electric Fence Systems


Electric Fence Energizers: What You Need to Know Before Buying


High Tensile Wire Tensioning Tips


High Tensile Fence Wire Installation


Planning Your High Tensile Electric Fence: Guide Wire Instructions


Fence Post Installation for High Tensile Fences


Planning and Tools Needed to Install an Electric Fence


Benefits of a Zareba® High Tensile Fence System


Create a Simple Electric Fence with the EZEE Corral®


What’s Inside the EZEE Corral® Portable Electric Fence Kit?


Complete Guide to the EZEE Corral® Portable Electric Fence Kit

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