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What Power Source Will You Be Using?

AC: Plug-in
DC: Battery

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What is The Perimeter of Your Area?


How Many Hot Lines Will You Be Using?

How High Are The Weeds Around Your Fence?

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What Type of Wire Will You Be Using?

Aluminum or
Steel Wire
Poly Wire, Rope,
Tape, or Braid

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No Chargers Match Your Criteria.

Here are some tips that you should take into consideration. Energizer Power Source

The power source selected may not have a high enough mileage rating.

Try changing your power source selection.

Can't change the type of power source?

Try creating separate fenced-in areas at least 50 feet apart, each with separate energizer and grounding.

Remember: only one energizer on the same fence line at once.

The fence line also needs to be far enough apart to prevent arcing.

* Please note that you can never run more than one energizer on the same fence line at one time. Install fence lines powered by separate fence energizers far enough apart to prevent contact with both fence lines at the same time.

Area to Enclose Chargers will list a mileage rating, but keep in mind that rating is for a single strand of wire. The more wires added, energizer options will decrease.
Amount of Weeds The more weeds touching your fence line, the more power will be drawn from your energizer. The more power drawn from your fence will decrease the distance the electrical current will travel. This could lead to no energizers matching your criteria.
Type of Fence Line Different types of fence line will have an effect on your energizer output. Steel and Aluminum wire creates less electrical resistance than poly rope, wire and tape. Zareba® poly products will draw more power from the line, causing the distance rating to decrease.
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