How to Install Your Electric Fence Charger

Installation and Location

Your Zareba® electric fence charger should be installed in a clean, sheltered location away from direct moisture and sunlight (with the exception of solar powered charger). It should be accessible to a ground rod system that is separate from the grounding of a home or other barnoutbuilding.

If you're using an AC charger , it should be positioned as close to the power source and the electric fence as possible.

Mount the fence charger on a post or wall using a screw or nail through the hanger hole in the charger case.

If you have frequent lightning storms in your area, click here to learn more about lightning and surge protection for your energizer.

Energizer Installed?, Click Here for the next step: Ground Rod Installation

How to Install an AC (Plugin) Fence Charger: Electric Fence 101 | Zareba®



How to Install a Solar Fence Charger: Electric Fence 101 | Zareba®


For more information on installing your fence charger, please check out our manual.

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