Zareba® Electric Poultry Netting - 48 in x 82 ft

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  • Protects and contains chickens, ducks, and other poultry, as well as other livestock, such as sheep
  • Prevents cats, dogs, and other predators from killing poultry
  • Netting includes 7 posts with double-spiked stakes, just unroll and step into the ground
  • Woven with highly conductive stainless-steel wire; energizer sold separately
  • Pos/Neg net setup eliminates the need for a ground rod
  • 48 in x 82 ft electric net system; multiple nets can easily be combined for a longer fence

Zareba® Electric Poultry Netting is the ideal all-in-one solution for protecting and containing chickens, ducks, and other poultry. It can also be used for other non-poultry livestock, including sheep. The netting is easy to set up and includes highly conductive stainless-steel wire with seven pre-fastened posts. Simply unroll the netting and step the attached double-spiked posts into the ground, tightening the netting as you go. Once the fence is installed, attach a fence energizer (sold separately) to keep poultry in and their predators out. The fence’s pos/neg setup eliminates the need for a ground rod. We recommend trimming grass, weeds, and other vegetation along the fence line and removing any obstacles to ensure your fence can work at full capacity. Zareba® Electric Poultry Netting can be connected end to end to create fences of any size and can easily be moved or adjusted to suit the needs of your unique property. To be most effective, an energizer of at least 0.15 output joules or greater is recommended. Longer runs of electric netting will require stronger energizer output.

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