ElectroBraid® Electric Fencing - Checkered - 1-Pack

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ElectroBraid® Electric Fencing - Checkered - 1-Pack 36 5 5 1
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  • 1000 ft checkered spool
  • Braided polyester fiber jacket and strong polypropylene core
  • Resilient - bounces back when struck by a panicked horse; 1300 lb breaking strength
  • Meets the high standards established for seatbelts and parachute harness
  • Copper Conductivity exceeds performance stainless, mixed metal and steel wire

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Horse Containment
Rotational Grazing
Quick Setup

ElectroBraid® Electric Fencing Line - Checkered

ElectroBraid® is a permanent electric fence line designed especially for horses. It serves as a physical barrier and as a psychological deterrent. It keeps horses away from fencing, prevents them from leaning on it and chewing on it. You can install ElectroBraid® with wood fence posts or T-posts, or as a complement to vinyl fences. ElectroBraid® is SAFE, SECURE and SIMPLE.

ElectroBraid® is durable, resilient and backed by an exclusive 25-year limited warranty. This fence line has been safety tested and is recommended for use with horses by equine veterinarians. Each reel carries 1,000 feet of fence line, which is available in checkered, black or white designs. ElectroBraid® features a double helix copper design that includes a braided, UV-resistant polyester fiber jacket over a polypropylene core.

What is ElectroBraid®?

ElectroBraid® looks like high-quality braided yachting rope with a ¼-inch thickness. Though soft to the touch, ElectroBraid features a double helix of copper wire conductors that has been braided into the outer jacket of the rope, which allows it to conduct electricity. With this innovative construction, your fence line is far safer than nearly any other type of fencing for horses. It stretches, rather than breaks, when horses test it, which keeps the animals inside the fence boundaries.

Create an effective, attractive and easy-to-maintain fence by attaching 3 or 4 strands of ElectroBraid® to fence posts spaced 30 to 50 feet apart (compared to conventional horse fences like wire which require a post every 8 or 10 feet). Fence posts can be wood, vinyl or steel, and ElectroBraid® is available in white, black or black/white checkered.

ElectroBraid® Keeps Horses Safe

The most frequent cause of serious horse injuries is collision with a rigid fence. ElectroBraid® designed its fencing to minimize this danger. As a result, ElectroBraid® line is the most recommended horse fence for safety by equine veterinarians.

  • No impact injuries
  • No sharp points, hard edges, or wires that can cut or puncture
  • Specially engineered to break if a horse gets caught around one ElectroBraid® strand

ElectroBraid® Close-Up

ElectroBraid® takes all the best aspects of other fencing types and adapts them for use with horses. The result? A better fence for horses.

  • ¼ inch line is easy for horses to see and avoid.
  • Fencing absorbs impact and pushes horses back.
  • Copper strands conduct electricity four times faster than steel.
  • Coiled conductor strands reduce breakage from weather and stress.
  • Wide profile limits the line’s ability to cut into the horse.

Physical & Psychological Barrier

Unlike rigid fences, ElectroBraid® is forgiving. It has the resilience and the strength to resist the impact of a galloping stallion. It just stretches, and then springs back, “bouncing” the horse back into the enclosed area, much like what happens to a boxer in the ring. Horses also learn to respect the electric shock delivered by an ElectroBraid® fence system and will not go near the fence after receiving that first shock. While harmless, the brief shock is painful and deters horses from wanting to jump over, rub against or chew on the fence.


How to Install ElectroBraid®

ElectroBraid® can be self-installed easily with hand-tools, by almost anyone – It’s like stringing clothes line. A professional fence installer is not required. Fence posts can be set 30 to 50 feet apart depending on terrain and are tensioned to avoid sagging over time. By contrast, conventional horse fences like wire require a post every 8 or 10 feet. To relocate your ElectroBraid® fence, you don't need a contractor, either – just move your posts and restring.

ElectroBraid® 1000 Ft Reel
Model # PBRC1000C2-EB
Line Length 1000 Ft (305 Meters)
Line Thickness 1/4 Inch (6.3 Milimeters)
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Verified Buyer
Great way to keep our horses in containment.
Feb 28, 2023
We love the way the ELECTROBRAID fence system works! We are currently replacing our 25 year old rope that just isn't conducting the charge very well any more.
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Verified Buyer
good product
Feb 22, 2023
so easy to work with! high quality and high visibility. very "springy".
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Verified Buyer
Will buy again!
May 16, 2022
Excellent product. Does it's job, easy to install and has a clean look.
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perfect fencing
Sep 10, 2021
great product, Easy to work with. Withstands heavy winter snow
Was this review helpful? 0
Very pleased
Jul 29, 2021
I did a ton of research and am so very pleased with Electrobraid! It is easy to hook up. The price was right. I love knowing my horses are safe. It looks great, too. We are very pleased. Great purchase.
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Great product
Aug 6, 2019
Easy to work with and install. The tensioner works great. Even without the charger itcit keeping a horse in who broke through all other tape and polywire I had put up. Great visibility
Was this review helpful? 0
Looks great, easy to install
Jun 17, 2019
I'm replacing all my Kentucky wood horse pasture fencing with Electriobraid. Not only has it opened up the pasture view but there is a ton less maintenance and it's easy to install.
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Easy installation
Oct 2, 2018
Easy to install. Even one person can complete a fence in a day once posts are set.
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Best fence I’ve used
Sep 25, 2018
I love this fence! It is so easy to install and I’ve never worried about it breaking or not keeping my horses in. We had a large tree branch fall on the line last winter. The Electrobraid stretched but did not break. All we had to do was remove the branch and restrech the line. Traditional wire would have broken and left a hole in the fence line.
Was this review helpful? 0
Aug 20, 2018
So easy to use! Light, strong and my horses never challenge it:)
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