White Step-In Fence Post

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  • Step-in white fence post (39 inches exposed above ground)
  • Clips hold electric fence wire and polytape (up to 2 inches wide)
  • Molded from reinforced polypropylene with a heavy-duty steel stake
  • Features large step-in flange and anti-rotation spike to keep stake from turning
  • Also used for gardening, boundary line markings, crowd control and more
  • Not designed for permanent use

Zareba® White Step In Post

With Zareba® White Step-In Fence Posts, quickly set up fencing in any outdoor area. Set up your fence perimeter by installing these fence posts and then run your fence line between them. While Zareba® designed these posts with electric fencing in mind, they can also be used for setting up perimeters for crowd control, construction zones and property marking. They can even hold decorations or serve as vegetable or plant stakes. Constructed with durable polypropylene and steel, Zareba® built these fence posts to last while being easy to install and remove. For ease of use and reliability, each post features a step-in flange that includes an anti-rotation spike. With eight molded clips, each step-in post can hold fence line at multiple points along its height providing the ultimate in adaptability.

Best Used For

Temporary Fencing
Livestock Pens
Gardening & Growing
Crowd Control
Boundary Marking
insulated fence post

Insulated Fence Post

Using durable polypropylene that’s been reinforced with a ribbed, steel I-beam, these temporary fence posts are the strongest poly post on the market. Not only is the polypropylene UV-resistant, each post is also completely molded as one piece, adding to its strength. The result is a sturdy, reliable fence post.

8 Clips for Varied Fence Heights

Each step-in post has eight clips, which allow you to set your fence line to the height you need. These sturdy clips can hold any type of fence line, including polytape, polyrope, polywire, steel wire and aluminum wire. Hang multiple lines or a single line – these fence posts are completely adaptable to your needs. The clips are set at the following heights when measured form the top of the step-in flange. They are:

  • 5.00 in
  • 9.50 in
  • 12.50 in
  • 17.45 in
  • 21.45 in
  • 26.75 in
  • 30.10 in
  • 35.25 in
clips for varied fence heights
easy and secure installation

Easy & Secure Installation

Installing each fence post is easy. With its steel-tip base, just pick your post’s location and guide it into the ground. Then make a quick push with your foot on the step-in flange and it is set firmly in place. The post will remain secure and hold its place thanks to the built-in anti-rotation spike.

Multiple Fence Post Uses

Your step-in posts have multiple uses. Most importantly, they are designed to hold electric fencing line and are perfectly suited to hold polytape, polywire, polyrope or wire. They can also be used to set up construction zone netting, as crowd control fencing, to mark property perimeters, to hold light-strings for Christmas decorations and even as a plant stakes.

multiple fence post uses
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including chromium, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.govwww.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
Zareba® Step-In Fence Post
Model # A-48
Materials Polypropylene and Stainless Steel Spike
Color White
Height 4 ft total (38.2 inches above ground)
Clip Heights
  • 5 in
  • 9.5 in
  • 12.5 in
  • 17.45 in
  • 21.45
  • 26.75
  • 30.1 in
  • 35.25

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Unbeatable product
Jul 23, 2019
This product is the best choice for a lightweight fence post (for me, it's to keep the deer off my roses). The step-in design and spear at the bottom make it very easy to push into the ground where it remains very sturdy. The 8 hooks make it very simple to attach plastic mesh fencing at whatever level you desire. They are enduring as I had 6 old ones from a friend that are over 25 years old. Zaremba online appears the ONLY way to get them; I searched in stores and online for days before I luckily discovered them. Lastly, price is reasonable for a quality product.
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Plastic fence post
Nov 15, 2017
Very good quality.
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Aug 8, 2017
Yea they are exactly what you'd expect - step in the ground easily. I used them to reinforce an electric goat netting.
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Good product, fast shipping
Aug 7, 2017
Very satisfied with the quick shipping. Using these on my home garden against rabbits, stringing the electric fence wire is a snap ..no pun intended .. so fast and easy to install. I would like to see the bottom wire clip a little lower to prevent the smaller rabbits from going under the bottom wire. Where the ground has a few high spots, my solution to this was to dig a small depression so that the post foot bar is slightly below ground level but not enough to permit the wire to touch the ground. I would buy more if/when I need more.
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White 4 Foot Step-In Fence Posts
Aug 30, 2016
Purchasing the posts was easy, volume discounts spelled out, free shipping (if over a certain dollar value), and shipped on time. The ease of purchase, the value and expectations of product and the follow-up more than met my expectations.
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work well
Jun 16, 2016
the only problem is that they should be 5 to 6 feet high.
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Amazon Review, Great!
Aug 23, 2012
Works as a post to put a brochure box on. Very happy with product and sturdiness. Would purchase this again.
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