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Help for Hobby Farmers

Help for Hobby Farmers

The articles here at are meant to be your go-to resource for information about electric fences, fence planning, electric fence repair and livestock management. Our goal is to provide you with the resources you need to get your hobby farm up and running, keep your livestock safe and offer tips to stay ahead of the game.

Through the guidance provided by these articles, we want you to rest assured that you’re doing all you can to help your livestock grow and thrive. With that in mind, we have five guiding principles for writing our articles:

  1. We have a passion for farming and ranching. We love the people, places and livestock that make farming and ranching what it is. Our mission is to be a resource for inexperienced hobby farmers as well as farmers and ranchers with decades of work in the field.
  2. We’ve got a history. Zareba Systems has been part of the electric fencing industry since its beginning and our expertise on fencing and livestock is at your disposal with the our articles and Learning Center. Further, you can count on the products we feature for their reliable operation and durability in any kind of environment.
  3. Results matter. When it comes to electric fencing and livestock management, lives — and livelihoods — are on the line. You need advice that works the first time and doesn’t jeopardize anyone’s safety. You can count on the information the provides on starting a farm and maintaining it for generations to come.
  4. Easy does it! Nothing in this world is easy, but that doesn’t mean it should be complicated. These articles will provide you advice that’s easy to understand.
  5. The resource you can trust. Our articles are built upon our proven track record to help farmers and ranchers succeed. Whether you’re a backyard farmer with a few free-range chickens, dairy farming with a 100-head farm or running a 500-acre cattle ranch in West Texas, we’re here to support you. Let Zareba® be your go-to source for expert information you need on your farm or ranch.

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