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Electric Fencing For Horses – About ElectroBraid®

ElectroBraid® Reels - Electric Horse Fence
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What is ElectroBraid® Horse Fence?

What does it look like?

Why is it new and different?




What makes ElectroBraid® a safe horse fence?

How do horses feel about ElectroBraid®?

Is the electric shock harmless?




How does it work?

Can I really space posts up to 50 feet apart?

Can I use any energizer with ElectroBraid®?

Do I have to stop weeds from growing up around ElectroBraid®?

What type of electric fence posts do I require?



Why is the installed cost low?

Why is maintenance cost low?

How does ElectroBraid® Fence compare to other electric horse fencing options?

What fence maintenance is required?

Why does ElectroBraid® specify fence accessories of copper, brass and glass-filled nylon?

Copper is such a soft metal, will it break, or rust?



What makes ElectroBraid® a secure horse fence?

How durable is ElectroBraid® Horse Fence?

Will the sun affect the polyester jacket?

How long can I expect the ElectroBraid® Fence to last?




Is this a permanent, portable or temporary horse fencing option?

How can ElectroBraid® protect an existing horse fence?

Can ElectroBraid® be used as an electric fence for deer?

Can ElectroBraid® be used for other animals besides horses?


ElectroBraid® electric horse fence

Why ElectroBraid® Horse Fence?

ElectroBraid® is an easily installed, permanent electric horse fencing system designed to provide a safe and secure fence. It is both a physical barrier and a psychological deterrent, and is highly visible to horses. ElectroBraid® is strong, durable and resilient. ElectroBraid® Fencing will save you time, money, and trouble.

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