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A little trouble getting it ...
Jun 12, 2024
A little trouble getting it ordered online, but once I was able to order it- it showed up quickly. Ordered on Monday & it showed up on Wednesday & I installed it that weekend. P.s. I have more pictures & a video of the install but apparently they don’t recognise Img format.
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Don't hesitate, get this system!
May 9, 2021
This system is bad son of a gun!! Nothing is coming through!! Best purchase 2021
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Apr 23, 2021
Stop sending me these emails or I will never buy anything from you again
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Importance of Access Services
Mar 31, 2021
Great units. I have several units and are happy with them.
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Feb 10, 2021
The best two chargers i have ever purchased. Wrote a memo last month and it was marked one star , these charges are definitley 5 stars for sure..
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This is how i feel about these chargers.
Jan 28, 2021
I have two of the 200 mile chargers running on two separate parcels , around 100 acres each, Both these chargers have worked great for me for containing my 60 head and one Angus bull that weighs about 2000 lbs. If they go on sale i will buy another charger as soon as i see them on sale . Both these chargers are installed under cover in a cattle barn. I think they are the best charger on the market today.....
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Great value
Aug 23, 2020
I really like this fencer works great hits the way I need it to and have only one regret not buying it sooner.
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Best charger for the dollar yet
Aug 12, 2020
Best charger yet for the money, I have had it on 2.5 mile fenceline with high tensile installed between 3rd and 4th barbwire on a six barbwire fence. I use the small pin type yellow insulators for visibility to others, so far all is well after approximately 3 years running bulls across the fence from neighbors bulls and heifers... the only problem is that once in awhile a deer will jump through and tangle a barbwire with the high tensile wrapping it and grounding it out....usually this seems to be only a one time thing as that thing is HOT...I know from past experience...reads 7.4k at far end of electric fence...only 6.1k near the charger, I have heard if they are grounded good this is normal.
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Only worked 3 months
Aug 18, 2019
I purchased this product from the Zareba website in May of 2019. It is already dead. Very disappointing to pay this much for a product that will only work for 3 months.
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Woodstream (Admin)
Aug 18, 2019
We are very sorry to hear about this experience! This charger is covered by a 2-year warranty (3 when registered within 1 month of purchase). Please contact our Consumer Relations Team directly at 1-855-5-ZAREBA (1-855-592-7322) for assistance, we're happy to help!
Good products
Jun 26, 2019
I am running 2 chargers on separate pastures & can honestly say these chargers are a very good choice, I have 2 units both are for 200 miles and they perform great.I raise beef cattle and they do not mess with my high tensil fence line. I have about 90 acres of pasture .These units are expensive but chasing cattle has no price & if they get into the road it becomes very costly. Lazy Acres Ranch......
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