You Tried to Do WHAT With Your Electric Fence?!

17 Inappropriate Uses For An Electric Fence

We’ve taken some interesting calls over the years on the Zareba Systems customer service line. Been asked some very… unique questions; told some rather interesting stories.

See, we’ve always thought electric fences were a pretty straightforward product. You want to keep some animals in a certain area? Sure, we can do that! Oh, you need to keep pests and predators away from your garden or livestock?  Yep, we can handle that too!

And yet, every once in a while, we get a question or hear a story that makes even us raise our eyebrows. And then we realize that perhaps electric fences aren’t quite as straightforward as we thought.

So our brains start buzzing, funny ideas start flying around, a few quick sketches make the rounds…and before we know it, we’ve created a seemingly endless comic strip dedicated to electric fences. Check out some VERY inappropriate uses for electric fences below.  We hope you’ll get a chuckle out of it!