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Electric Fence Insulators - Zareba

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Electric Fence Insulators

Zareba® & Red Snap’r® insulators are durable, dependable
and long lasting when used with a wide variety of posts.
Choose from several post types:

Wood Posts
Round Posts
Chain Link
Corner Posts
Zareba® offers many types of insulators because the insulator must match both the wire and the type of post being used.

High Tensile
Poly Tape
Poly Rope
Poly Wire
Zareba® has dependable, high-quality plastic & porcelain insulators for your electric fencing needs. Choose the material that’s right for you.

• Designed to fit the needs of a serious rancher
• Contain UV inhibitors
• Excellent at preventing arcing and providing
   long life for all-weather performance
• Provides excellent insulating properties
• Thick-walled insulation for a rigid long life

• Designed to fit the needs of a hobby farmer
• Provide excellent insulating characteristics
• Thin-walled for easy, flexible attachment to
  fence post and wire
• UV-protected to resist weathering,
  even under the harshest conditions

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Insulators prevent electrical shorts between electrified wire and the fence post. Our insulators help your fence work properly.

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