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Electric Fence Wire

Aluminum Wire
Aluminum electric fence wire - Multiple lengths and strengths
High Tensile
High Tensile electric fence wire - Multiple lengths and strengths
Variety of lengths of insulated hookup and underground wire
Poly Rope
Poly rope and electric fence rope in a variety of lengths
Poly Tape
Electric fence tape and poly tape. Multiple widths and length choices
Poly Wire
Poly Wire selections in a variety of legths and strengths.
Steel Wire
Steel electric fence wire - Multiple gauges and length options.
ElectroBraid® Horse Fencing - America's Safest Horse Fence.
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Fence Wire, Zareba® High Tensile Wire, 5 Mile Pack, 12.5 Gauge, BFG-01000-27
27 spool = 5 Miles
 $2,160.00 $3,175 Sale
Fence Wire, Buy 4, Get One Free - Zareba® 2 Inch Poly Tape - 2,500 Feet, BPT500W2-Z
 $303.99 $380 Sale
Fence Wire, Zareba High Tensile Wire, 5000 Feet Total, 12.5 Gauge, BFG-01000-5
5 spools = 5000 ft
 $500.00 $588 Sale
Fence Wire, Buy 4, Get One Free - Zareba® 1 Inch Poly Tape Roll - 3,280 Feet, BPT656W1-Z
 $183.99 $230 Sale
Fence Wire, Buy 4, Get One Free - Zareba® 1/4 Inch Poly Rope, 3,280 feet, BRSR660
 $303.99 $380 Sale
Fence Wire, Buy 4, Get One Free - Zareba® Poly Wire 6,600 Feet, 9 Conductors, BPW1320Y9-Z
 $247.99 $310 Sale
Fence Wire, Zareba® Insulated Cable, 12 1/2 Gauge, 200 Feet, B500-552
200 Feet, 12 1/2 gauge
Fence Wire, Buy 4, Get One Free - Zareba® Poly Rope 3,280 Feet, BPR656W6-Z
 $271.99 $340 Sale
Fence Wire, Buy 4, Get One Free - Zareba® 1/2 Inch Poly Tape - 3,280 Feet, BPT656WH-Z
 $103.99 $130 Sale
Fence Wire, Zareba® Insulated Hookup Wire, 125 Feet, 07090-92
125 feet per roll
Fence Wire, Zareba® Underground Insulated Hookup Wire, 50 Feet, 01404-92
50 Feet per roll
Fence Wire, Zareba® Aluminum Wire, 17 Gauge, 1/2 Mile, FW-00002
½ mile, 17-gauge
 $59.99 $82 Sale
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Types of Electric Fence Wire



Aluminum Wire


Aluminum fence wire carries a charge better than other fence wire types, conducting electricity four times better than steel wire. Zareba aluminum fence wire comes in an assortment of lengths and strengths (measured in gauges) to meet a range of animal control needs. Unlike un-galvanized steel wire, Zareba's aluminum wire will not rust and comes with a lifetime warranty. Due to its long-lasting durability, Zareba aluminum fence wire is an excellent option for permanent or perimeter fencing.



Steel Wire


The most commonly-used wire, galvanized steel fence wire is a basic, economic wire which will last a fence's lifetime if cared for properly. Zareba steel wire's ability to be used with any type of charger provides user flexibility. When connected to like wire extensions, Zareba steel wire carries a charge for long distances, making it a suitable option for semi-permanent, permanent, and perimeter fencing systems to control a variety of animals.



High-Tensile Wire


High-tensile wire is a strong, durable, long-lasting, and affordable fencing option which works to control most livestock and exotics, as well as deter predators. Zareba high-tensile fence wire is constructed of 12.5 gauge galvanized steel wire. Its affordability and low maintenance requirements make Zareba high-tensile a great option for a simple barrier fence or electrified for more effective containment and exclusion. Lasting up to 40 to 50 years, Zareba high tensile fence wire is one of the best options for permanent or perimeter fencing.



Insulated Wire


Insulated wire is coated with a non-conductive material to prevent voltage and energy loss and protect against UV damage. Zareba insulated wire is available in several different gauges and lengths and can be used for a variety of uses, such as:
  • Lead-out wires from fence charger to fence or to ground
  • Jumper wires between fence strands
  • Underground wire between gate openings or under driveways



Poly Rope


Poly rope, also called poly braid, is a strong, highly conductible fence wire option. Stainless steel strands (either six or nine) are woven throughout Zareba poly rope to ensure maximum electrical conductivity, as well as rust protection and resistance to breaking and stretching.


The high visibility of Zareba poly rope makes it an excellent choice for horse fencing. A lightweight design and user-friendly set-up and repair also make poly rope a good choice for use with temporary fencing in intensively managed grazing programs.



Poly Wire


Similar to poly rope, poly wire features stainless steel strands interwoven throughout the poly material it is constructed of. Zareba poly wire is available in several lengths and strengths with three, six, or nine conductor strands interwoven (more strands = higher conductivity). In addition, poly rope is easy to tighten, splice, repair, and rewind. A poly rope tightener is used to maintain wire tension of poly wire.


Its easy installation and lightweight design make Zareba's poly wire products perfect for temporary fencing in strip or rotational grazing systems or as pet control fencing. Poly wire is also a good choice for horse fencing because it is more visible than traditional metal wire.



Poly Tape


With more visibility than poly wire or poly wire, poly tape is an ideal choice for horse fencing. Zareba poly tape comes in half-inch to two-inch widths and features reinforced, rip-stop edges to protect the tape from wear and tear. An open weave design allows wind to pass through poly tape increasing its strength and longevity.


Zareba poly tape is durable, lightweight, rustproof, also making it a great option for temporary fencing in rotational grazing systems. Easy installation and repair make it a good choice for equine fencing kits as well.





Electrobraid is a poly rope fence wire designed specifically for horses. With a similar look to high quality braided yachting rope, Electrobraid fence wire is a strong, durable, resilient fencing material designed to be highly visible. The double helix of copper wire conductors braided into the outer jacket of Electrobraid rope makes it an effective fencing barrier when electrified.


Electrobraid's highly visible design keeps horses safe by minimizing injuries. In addition, Electrobraid is easy to install, long-lasting, and versatile making it useful for semi-permanent and permanent fencing, as well as temporary uses.



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Zareba® & Red Snap'r® electric fence wires conduct electricity around your enclosure. Our fence wire comes in many types and lengths to meet your fencing needs.

Galvanized Steel
High Tensile