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electric fence chargers by energy source battery powered

Electric Fence Chargers - DC and Battery Powered

Zareba® has tough, dependable DC/Battery powered fence energizers for remote areas without a nearby
power source.

An electric fence controller from Zareba® will use either a standard 12-volt, 6-volt, 4-volt or D-cell battery (batteries not included). Consider the power source, the length of the fence, and number of wires when choosing your fence energizer.


DC - Low Impedance Fence Controllers
Model Mileage Rating Joules Output Weed Conditions Animals Controlled**

50 Miles 2 Joules

25 Miles 1.2 Joules All

15 Miles 0.8 Joules

5 Miles 0.25 Joules
Models are available in Zareba and Red Snap'r product lines.
* This model is only available in Zareba brand.
** Zareba animal control recommendations.
*** Mileage rating for chargers is based on a single strand of wire. Divide the mileage shown by the number of strands in your fence to determine the maximum recommended fence length.



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