Electric Fence Netting and Electric Fence Kits

Zareba® has created special electric fencing kits that allow easy setup and takedown for grazing and livestock show needs. Contain your poultry or other small animals with Zareba® electric fence netting. Use the Zareba® electric fence kit at your next horse show or auction.

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  • Zareba® EZEE Corral Portable Fence Kit

  • Zareba® Battery Powered Garden Protection Kit

  • Fi-Shock® Electric-Powered, 1 Mile Pet Deterrent Kit

  • Zareba® AC Garden Protector Electric Fence Kit

  • Zareba® Electric Netting Kit

  • Havahart® 23 Inch PVC Fence Poles Kit

  • Fi-Shock® 23 Inch PVC Fence Poles Kit

  • Havahart® Accessory Kit for Pets and Small Animals

  • Fi-Shock® Portable Paddock

  • Havahart® Above Ground Electric Fence Kit



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