Benefits of Solar Powered Electric Fencing for Your Garden

solar power electric fence for garden

Electric fences are not just for protecting livestock, keeping predators away, and enclosing a large section of your property. You can use them even if you do not have a giant pasture or field…all you need is a garden! Gardeners know that the number one enemy they face are the animals that find their meals in the plants and vegetables they have tended. Learn why electric fencing could be the perfect solution for protecting your garden.

The Benefits of Electric Fencing in Your Garden

When it comes to protecting your plants, flowers, vegetables, or fruits, there are so many different repellents and deterrents that focus on the wide range of animals that come to your garden for a snack. With all of them available, it might be hard to narrow down exactly what you need. Learn the benefits of an electric fence for your garden here:

  • 24/7 Defense – With an electric fence, you won’t need to constantly spray repellents on your plants or around the perimeter of your garden.
  • Multi-Animal Protection – Instead of having something deter just one animal, you can set up your electric fence to deter animals ranging from squirrels to raccoons to deer.
  • View Your Bountiful Garden– When it comes to tall fences that are built to deter animals, you will not be able to peek inside and watch your beautiful flowers grown. Electric Fences allow for garden visibility.
  • Economically Friendly – Electric fences, when maintained and used properly, can last for a long time, and will protect your garden throughout many seasons.
  • Conditions & Deters – Once the animal receives the small shock, it will know not to touch the fence again. It stops the behavior while making sure the animal does not get to your garden.
  • Easy Installation – With our Garden Protection Kits, everything that you need to get your fence set up and running is included right in the kit!

 Protect Your Garden with Zareba®

  1. Zareba Electric Poultry Netting
    Zareba® Electric Poultry Netting - 48 in x 82 ft
  2. Zareba® Heavy-Duty Sure Shock Polywire - 1320 ft
    Zareba® Heavy-Duty Sure Shock Polywire - 1320 ft
    As low as $67.49 Regular Price $67.49
  3. Zareba® 12 1/2 Gauge Underground Cable - 50 ft
    Zareba® 12 1/2 Gauge Underground Cable - 50 ft
  4. Zareba® 17 Gauge Aluminum Wire - 250 ft
    Zareba® 17 Gauge Aluminum Wire - 250 Ft
  5. Zareba ® 17 Gauge 1/4 Mile Aluminum Wire
    Zareba® 17 Guage Aluminum Wire - 1/4 Mile

Besides those advantages, our Garden Protection Kits uses a solar-powered charger. Solar power is clean, renewable energy that gives you freedom and control over electricity. You can save on utility bills while using greener energy. And, if you decide that you want to move your fence or garden, solar-powered chargers are portable and can easily be moved.

If you’re putting your hard efforts towards your garden, why wouldn’t you want to ensure that it stays protected? Then at the end of the season, you can appreciate everything that you worked for. Learn more about how you can use electric garden fencing for specific animals, plus how to set up your fence here.

vegetables from protected garden

Let Zareba Protect Your Garden

We want you to get the most out of your gardening and farming efforts. By using Zareba® to set up your electric fence, you can be sure to see the benefits of defending your garden at the end of the season. Let us know how you used our Garden Protection Kit on our Facebook Page. Make sure to sign up for our e-newsletter so that you can get the latest information from Zareba.


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